Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Bosham (during construction of extension)

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Bosham (during construction of extension)
Roman Church
Image by Mr MPD
Taken on 15th March 2012. This is Bosham’s Roman Catholic church. The permanent building, shown here in the middle of an extension project, was finished in 1970, replacing a secondhand temporary building which had been bought and brought in from Kent. It occupies a prominent corner site.

Church Architects for Your Church Design and Construction

Church Architects for Your Church Design and Construction

The church is the place where people come to worship God and be closer to Him, as well as to repent of their sins. It takes more than a simple building made of bricks and mortar to form a church. The local congregation of believers and the place they choose as the house of their Lord is often what the word church refers to. Each church has its individual values and theology, and all of God’s beauty, order, creativity and detail should be used to the highest level of design to reflect these specific features. Therefore, everyone who is involved in a church design and construction process should try to use this creativity, beauty and order to turn the church into a welcoming place for all believers.

The place of worship has undergone some dramatic changes over the years. However, the most notable changes regarding church design and construction have only been witnessed in the past years. The traditional church buildings are slowly being replaced by new forms of expression, as old style buildings no longer match the kind of ministry that people are looking for nowadays. Today’s church design and construction aim at reshaping the worship and life of congregations. And it is not the church building alone that church designers should consider. Church plans should definitely include site planning, as many churchgoers believe that the site is the first invitation that the church makes. Furthermore, with space being a constant problem for churches, site planning is equally important in church plans as far as future expansion is concerned. It is believed that good church design and construction is the best way to build a community. The most recent forms of expression in church design and construction include a large gathering space, where people get together for Bible study, worship, choir practice, exercise classes, committee meetings, and so forth.

Church architecture can be regarded as a symbolic expression of the faith of the community in question. Therefore, church design and construction should put emphasis on the specific architecture that is most appropriate to that community. Apart from making an invitation, the church architecture should be relevant of God’s creativity, order and beauty in general, and of the congregation’s faith in particular. Good church design and construction can render the feeling of God being in the congregation’s midst, instead of being at a distance. Furthermore, the use of light in a church building is of fundamental importance, given its spiritual significance. Light should be an important consideration in the church design and construction process. Using light in a church building has long been a major concern that has already evolved into an architectural tradition. However, given the significance of light and its symbolism, this tradition has to be rethought each time new church design and construction are considered.

The ideas presented above are just some aspects related to church design and construction. The process of constructing or expanding a church is a lot more complex, and the insight of a good church architect will prove to be a very valuable tool. Whatever your church plans may encompass, be it the remodeling of interior rooms or exterior façade, converting warehouses into full church facilities, multi-structure campuses, or building a new church from the ground up, there are church architects who can provide unique insights, while honoring your individual theology and values, as well as your specific needs and budget.

For more resources about Church design and construction or even about church plans please review this web page

For more resources about Church design and construction or even about church plans please review this web page

New York Construction Magazine Honors JRS Architect, P.C. Bank Project

Mineola, NY (PRWEB) December 13, 2007

JRS Architect, P.C. has been honored by McGraw-Hill’s New York Construction magazine for its unique architectural design for Madison National Bank’s branch in Merrick, NY.

The architectural firm, which has offices in Long Island, New York City and New Jersey, received the Award of Merit in the retail category in the publication’s Best Of 2007 winners, which was voted on by a jury of industry leaders. The award was presented today.

“It’s always gratifying to receive recognition for our work and we are especially proud of our work for Madison National Bank,” said John R. Sorrenti, F.A.I.A., President of JRS. “Awards, such as this New York Construction’s Award of Merit, inspire us to accomplish even greater things in the future.”

JRS, one of the nation’s leading bank architectural and design firms, created a unique design that serves as a cornerstone to the brand image of Madison National Bank, which was opened its doors earlier this year. The design was based upon Madison National Bank’s vision to have their bank reflect a warm and inviting environment.

“The bank’s founders wanted something that was different, eye catching and reminiscent of old world design, coupled with the benefits of the latest building technology and products,” said Sorrenti.

The firm designed an almost 3,700-square foot branch with a towering brick chimney, high sloping roof and turreted vestibule that allows it to stand out on Merrick’s busy streetscape.

JRS’ design for the bank was based on American revival architecture of the mid to late 19th Century, a style called Richardson Romanesque and named after architect Henry Hobson Richardson, whose masterpiece is Trinity Church in Boston. Richardson’s style is characterized by massive stone walls and dramatic semicircular arches over windows and entranceways, rounded towers with conical roofs whose counterpoint resides in the dynamism of interior space. To create an open, inviting and warm interior, JRS used a cathedral ceiling supported by Queen Ann trusses, a burning fireplace, wrought iron bronze chandeliers and red and gold floral carpeting and upholstered chairs.

About JRS Architect, P.C.:

JRS Architect, P.C., with offices in Mineola, NY, New York City, and Princeton, NJ, has grown from six people since its establishment in 1986 to more than 50 today serving New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It has developed design expertise in the corporate, financial, healthcare, educational and institutional, hospitality and public-spaces, and retail markets. For the past four years, the firm has ranked within Interior Design Magazine’s list of 100 Interior Design Giants and the last three years has ranked within the top 40 Healthcare Design Giants. For more information about JRS Architect, P.C., call (516) 294-1666 or visit


BlueStone Construction | Old World Timber in your MN lakehome

BlueStone Construction | Old World Timber in your MN lakehome

What is the difference between an average middle class Minnesota lake home and a one-of-a-kind upper end one? In a word, “detail”. One such detail that adds as much individuality as it does historical depth would be the use of “old world timber”. Old world timbers come from structures that often predate the civil war.

There is a rich history associated with these old timbers. When we build using them, we strive to document their story so future owners will not lose sight of the rich historical heritage their timbers provide to the overall cabin feeling. Here is one such story of some old world timbers we used recently: 

“St. Joseph’s Catholic Church located in Marathon City, Wisconsin was first constructed with these timbers in 1857. They remained part of that structure up until the year 1912. At that time, St. Joseph’s decided to build new.

Back then, people didn’t throw away things like they do today. Salvaging old materials was common practice because new material was costly and hard to come by, money was scarce and labor was cheap. Robert Ahrens acquired the material from the old church in 1912 and used them to construct a barn on his property 5 miles south of Marathon City. Reclaimed wood was not sufficient to complete his entire barn project so newly cut material was used in conjunction with reclaimed timbers.

It is easy to identify which materials originated from the old church when looking at the barn. Those pieces that had mortise pockets facing the wrong way or were used wrongly indicate which beams were used before.

Merlin Schumacher bought the property in 1987 and in 2009 sold the barn to Scott Slingsog. Mr. Slingsog disassembled salvageable material that eventually led to BlueStone using them.” 

Think of the many important events and conversations these timbers witnessed. Think of what it took to make each one. The sheer physical labor it took to hand hew each piece from a virgin tree trunk points back to a time when hard work using one’s own hands was the measure of quality and self respect.

Back then, simple living and valuing what you had defined success. They were testament to a life well lived.

Jim Raboin heads up BlueStone Construction & Project Management, LLC …a design/build lake home general contracting firm serving Minnesota and Wisconsin lake country. And he is a principal in Rural Energy Partners, LLC, a business that installs wind turbines for small wind generators in Minnesota and surrounding areas. Reports Construction Projects Up For Bid in the Philadelphia, PA Area

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 20, 2007

BidClerk, the Construction Industry Search Engine, reported today that the following commercial construction projects are planning to go out for bid or start construction in the next 90 days in the Philadelphia, PA area. Businesses interested in providing services relative to these projects should visit and reference the Project ID listed below to obtain direct contact information for each job:

Philadelphia, PA – CVS Pharmacy / Philadelphia, Broad Street, 15,000-square-foot retail store, January 2008, .5 million. Project ID: 675786

Philadelphia, PA – Stephen Girard Elementary School Window Replacement and Wall Restoration, 1800 Snyder Ave., educational facility renovation, December 2007, .2 million. Project ID: 691439

Philadelphia, PA – The Church of the Holy Trinity Sanctuary Renovation, 1904 Walnut St., church sanctuary renovations, January 2008, 0,000. Project ID: 694998

Philadelphia, PA – The Zoological Society of Philadelphia – The McNeil Avian Center, 3400 Girard Ave., 10,000-square-foot bird house, December 2007, million. Project ID: 693529

Philadelphia, PA – W Hotel & Residences / Philadelphia, 1200 Arch St., 250-room luxury hotel, February 2008, 0 million. Project ID: 459034 is the only Search Engine dedicated to providing businesses with in depth information on thousands of construction projects coming up for bids all throughout the United States. Our daily updates of commercial and residential construction project leads are available to contractors and businesses in related industries that are seeking bid opportunities. For more information on bidding construction projects in your area, visit BidClerk online or call 877-737-6482.