PERSECUTED! Catholic Church in Communist China PART 1

PART 2: PART 3: Benedictine Father Werner Papeians de Morchoven (right), Benedictine Father Eleutherius Winance (center) and Benedictine Brother Peter (Bang-Jiu Zhou) (left) lived in a Benedictine monastery in Szechwan, China, during the Communist takeover. Father Winance was arrested and expelled from China, Father Papeians de Morchoven was forced out of China and Brother Peter was arrested and served 25 years in a Communist prison, where he was tortured for many of those years. BRIEF HISTORY OF THE PERSECUTION OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH IN COMMUNIST CHINA By Theresa Marie Moreau Religious and personal freedom for the people of China began to disintegrate back in 1949 (after the end of the three-year Chinese Nationalist-Communist Civil War that followed in the wake of World War II), when the Communists (headed by Tse-Tung Mao) defeated the Kuomintang — the Chinese Nationalist Party (headed by Kai-Shek Chiang) that fled to Taiwan (historically known as Formosa ). On October 1, 1949, the Chairman stood in Tiananmen Square and announced the founding of the People’s Republic of China — with himself the head of the beast. In an attempt to break with the Holy See, the xenophobic Communists established, in 1949, the Three-Self Reform Movement, so-called for its aim to be Self-governing, Self-supporting and Self-propagating. Relations between the Vatican and China first froze then officially broke in 1951 after Mao kicked out Archbishop
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Where can you download communist church music?

Question by lol_spoonman007: Where can you download communist church music?
I am going to play communist church at my with my youth group at a lock-in in a week, and i was wondering, where can you download good communist church music? do they even have it?

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Answer by ML
You can try
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