Commercial: Pimps in the pulpit

My feet almost slipped looking at the prosperity of the wicked. Coming to the Rose State Performing Arts Theater Pimps in the Pulpit Gospel Stage Play When a local pastor inherits a church after the passing of his father, he soon finds him self and the church in a financial bin. Looking for new and creative ways to raise funds for the church, he soon finds himself in a world he should not be in. Pimps in the Pulpit written by Clifton Johnson will be at the Rose State Performing Arts Theater on July 19, 2008 at 6:00 pm for one exciting night. And as an added bonus, during the intermission, get blessed by the live Concert featuring Kpraize, Kendall turner, and Apaulsoul of the rap group Supertropolis. Tickets are on sale at the Civic Center Box office for .00 in advanced, .00 at the door or you can go online to (my Ticket or just call (405) 297-2264 Tickets are going fast so you don’t want to miss this year’s most exciting inspirational Gospel stage play to hit Oklahoma City.
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Killzone 2 Commercial

This is a commercial that I put together using the Ballet of Death video. I really think it would be an amazing commercial for Killzone 2. Hope You enjoy it, leave a comment and rate. Thanks High Quality: PS I know this is almost the same video at the end of the Demo. I used that video and took out some parts and moved it around to make it 60 seconds long (Average TV Commercial). Also I added This is Actual Gameplay Footage to catch the viewers attention. Thanks again for leaving the positive comments.
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MCI Human Resources Commercial

Commercial produced for Memphis, TN main branch of MCI, before it went defunct. Call Dwann today for help with your next media project – 877-595-9117 ext 3 Visit one of her 3 great customized sites: Ministry Marketing Ministry Media Outreach Apostles Prophets Pastors Evangelists Teachers Christian The Bible Bible Study Speak in Tongues Praise Worship Cross Scripture Fast Tithe Sabbath Fellowship Gratitude Church Female Pastors Womens Ministry Preachers The Gospel Church Videoo Production Church Marketing Business Solutions Business Media Information Marketing Business Development Business Development Coaching Ministry Media Coaching Media Coaching
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