Worlds in Collision- Immanuel Velikovsky.

Immanuel Velikovsky a Brilliant Scientist who research the creation and was finally to be found correct with his discoveries. These were all documented in the Mabinogi a Welsh book that escaped the Roman Churches desire to hide all Ancient British History. By calling it the Mabinogian it was classed as childrens fairy tales or bedtime stories which the Church was not interested in. Mabinogi meants creation and refers to the creation of the Universe. This was against the dogma of the churches how the world was created and on the seventh day god rested. Which is bullshite and unbelievable but in ancient times anyone speaking out against the church was swiftly dealt with and silenced. The Church attempted to destroy all British History including all the Ancient Kings, However in order to do so they must destroy all the evidence too which they were unable to do so. Velikovsky was discredited by academics who were only interested in their own agenda’s and reputations. However people started to sit up and realise his research was correct. Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett realised this years ago too and have long been the victims of Religious zealots and academics who are only interested in protecting their own names and reputation and will say anything in order to discredit anyone who attempts to tell the truth. Because if you do you declare war on the World.