New Classes Will Reveal The Truth About Angels

(PRWEB) November 22, 2004

Angels will be the topic for a series of Wednesday night Bible classes presented by the Winnetka church of Christ. The classes will begin the first Wednesday night in December. The class will start at 7:30PM and consist of 45 minutes of presentation and discussion.

Angels have always been a fascination, but many people have never understood just who they are and what their role was in the Bible or even in our lives today! With these classes our hope is to come to a better knowledge of angels.

Misconceptions about angels abound on every hand. Many people have accepted the “fairy tales” of Hollywood as truth without ever checking what they have heard with what is written in the Bible. In fact those attending the class may discover that more of what they think is “reality” about angels is really “erroneous.” The class will study to examine some of these preconceived ideas and expose them to the light of scriptures.

Are angels only those who have died? Were babies angels before being born? Do they really have wings? Play harps? Have halos? Are they feminine or masculine? Are they to be worshipped? Do they have feelings? Were they created? What is their purpose?

To discover the answer to these and many more questions come to 7054 Winnetka Avenue between Sherman Way and Hart on Wednesday nights at 7:30PM. All are welcome. Classes will be provided for children under 10 years old. Young people over ten are welcome to attend with the adults. Bring a friend and a Bible. There is no charge or collection for this series of classes. For more information call (818) 884-8746.

Submitted by Alan Piner, 7414 Delco Place, Winnetka, CA 91306 (818) 884-8746

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