Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson [RSMV]

The third RSMV of the “Breakaway” Series, featuring 5 songs from Kelly Clarkson’s second album titled ‘Breakaway’. All 5 of these RSMVs will have a storyline relating to the original music video and real life. Storyline The storyline in this video is about betrayal. It starts off in a room, wearing a wedding dress and getting prepared for a wedding. Before the chorus I notice that the fiance is with another person. I leave the room unprepared and go to the church. The chorus begins with me walking into the church wearing black clothes. I walk up to the two getting married and I look at the bride and notice it is the person with the fiance. On the second chorus I run out of the church and into the dark forest/swampland (Morytania) where I cry and get covered in mud. (This goes throughout the second chorus also) It end with me collapsing in a nettle bush. In the last verse I meet another version of myself whom appears at the beginning of the video. We both say lines to each other, talking about the sorrow of what happened. The other version of myself feels the sorrow and sends me back to the church, however I replace to other bride. During the vowels I see the other bride in the pew and she blows a kiss to the groom (fiance). I then throw the red flowers at the groom and run through the church and also throw/spit at the other bride. The video end with me running out of the church and into the bright light. Next Because Of You Thanks To – Ladyman Gaga
Video Rating: 4 / 5