Are there any historical evidences for the claims made by the Roman Catholic Church?

Question by George John: Are there any historical evidences for the claims made by the Roman Catholic Church?
Is there any evidences for the following

1) Roman catholic church was started in 33 AD
2) Peter was the pope and there was unbroken line of history since 33 AD?
3) That their church was the ONLY church of early Christianity? Did no other sect exist till the legalization of Christianity in Rome?

I DO NOT want any biblical verses (about Peter, Rock, One church, binding, loosing, pillar and Foundation etc etc….) For, the purpose of this question, I wont consider the Biblical verses.

I am interested in HISTORICAL evidences which are verified and acknowledged by all historians (not just catholics)

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Answer by Flawed_logic
1) The Roman Catholic Church Historically isn’t considered real until really Leo the Great. Prior to this it was considered part of Proto-Orthodoxy, explained in (3). The 33ad is considered the Spiritual date. Others would argue that the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica under constantine is the start.

2) This is a subject of debate, but it is plausible. Rome would be the successor as that is Peter’s “resting place”. Rome had a high Jewish population, which would’ve attracted Peter there, and was a center of learning and teaching. It was also a well established tradition by the first century that Peter died in Rome, which is why it should be given at least some credence. From here, the successor of Rome is considered the Spiritual successor to Peter. This is the so called “unbroken chain”

3) There were many Churches at the time, something embraced by Catholicism. As a matter of fact, there were literally hundreds, many competing for dominance with Proto-Orthodoxy (what we have today). The Church says that Proto-Orthodoxy was the one true Chruch, and that all others (Ebionite, Marcionites, Gnostics, etc.) were false/heresies. That is why they say there is only one early Church.

The primary statement on this is found in the Nicene Creed, which was used as a metaphorical fence around Proto-Orthodoxy. It directly attacks other sect’s beliefs and states Proto-Orthodoxy’s own.

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