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Lord Jesus Christ – Chris Lawton at St Mary’s Methodist Church, Handforth

Me playing the 2 manual Young & Sons organ at St Mary’s Methodist Church in Handforth near Wilmslow, Cheshire. Im playing the hymn ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ to the tune ‘Living Lord’ from the Methodist book ‘Hymns and Psalms’.
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Chris Lawton at the Compton organ of St Peter’s Church, Cradley: Praise to the Lord

Me at the organ of St Peter’s Church in Cradley, West Midlands. The organ was built by the famous John Compton Organ Company Ltd as job number A188 and installed here in 1933. It is typical of Compton organs with a detached stopkey console and built on the “unit” principal with 6 ranks of pipes all enclosed behind an ornamental grille. The specification reads: PEDAL Sub Bass 32′ Open Bass 16′ Bourdon 16′ Flute 8′ Flute 4′ Trombone 16′ Trumpet 8′ Great to Pedal Swell to Pedal GREAT Bourdon 16′ First Open Diapason 8′ Second Open Diapason 8′ Hohl Flute 8′ Salicional 8′ Octave 4′ Flute 4′ Salicet 4′ Twelfth 2.2/3′ Fifteenth 2′ Acuta II Trumpet 8′ Swell to Great SWELL Contra Salicional 16′ Second Open Diapason 8′ Hohl Flute 8′ Gemshorn 8′ Salicional 8′ Flute 4′ Gemshorn 4′ Gemshorn 2′ Larigot 1.1/3′ Cymbale III Trombone 16′ Trumpet 8′ Clarion 4′ Tremulant ACCESSORIES 4 thumb pistons to Great 4 thumb pistons to Swell 4 toe pistons to Pedal 1 reverser thumb piston – Great to Pedal 1 reverser thumb piston – Swell to Pedal 1 reverser thumb piston – Swell to Great 1 balanced expression pedal – Organ 1 balanced expression pedal – Crescendo Double touch canceller to each department Ventil switches Voltmeter Im playing the hymn “Praise to the Lord” to give the idea of what the organ sounds like. Many thanks to organist Margaret Bloomer for allowing me access to this fine organ and to Keith Colley for taking the photographs in this video. Sadly at the end of 2011 the blower failed and
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Chris Lawton at the organ of St Marys Methodist Church, Handforth: Your requests

Me playing the organ at St Marys Methodist Church in Handforth near Wilmslow, Cheshire. Rather than the usual video, I decided to ask a few of my youtube followers and friends what requests they had and so here is the result! A big thank you to all my youtube subscribers and friends and for all the encouragement you have given me so far. It is very much appreciated.

Chris White/Jordan Maxwell – WHICH ONE IS THE ENEMY?

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Chris Lawton at the organ of St Clement’s Church, Urmston: There is a green hill far away

Another of me playing the Compton organ dating from 1960 installed at St Clement’s Church in Urmston, Manchester. The video starts with a picture of an original brochure advertising the Compton 357 model featured in this video. After this there are a few shots of electrones under construction at the Compton factory in Acton, London. Then im playing the hymn “There is a green hill far away” which shows off the quieter sounds on the organ including the very beautiful Clarinet stop in the second verse. Many thanks to Alan Crossland for allowing me access to this fine instrument.
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