Charles Chiniquy’s The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional

Charles Chiniquy’s The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional

Welcome to the Still Waters Revival Books video book summary for “The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional” (c. 1890) by Charles Chiniquy

Chiniquy was one of the most famous Romanist priests to leave the pretended Romish communion and join the Presbyterians.

This book (of 252 pages) contains important original documents establishing the high character and standing of pastor Chiniquy even while he was in the church of Rome. It also demonstrates, on the testimony of a long-time insider, how the harlotries of the Roman whore (Rev. 17-18) defile the body as well as the mind and soul.

This is rarely made more evident than in what is here revealed by the ex-priest Chiniquy. Chiniquy calls the confessional the “modern Sodom,” and shows how auricular confession destroys all the sacred ties of marriage and human society. He also makes the case as to why this devilish monstrosity should not be tolerated among civilized nations.

Boettner, in his book “Roman Catholicism” (pp. 212-213) adds the following,

“Father Charles Chiniquy, after spending 25 years as a Roman Catholic Priest in Canada and the United States, renounced the Roman Church and the priesthood and in the following paragraphs expressed his sense of humiliation and shame at having ever engaged in the process of the confessional.”

“With a blush on my face, and regret in my heart, I confess before God and man, that I have been through the confessional, plunged for 25 years in that bottomless sea of iniquity, in which the blind priests of Rome have to swim day and night. I had to learn by heart the infamous questions which the church of Rome forces every priest to learn. I had to put these impure, immoral questions to women and girls who were confessing their sins to me. Those questions, and the answers they elicit, are so debasing that only a man who has lost every sense of shame can put them to any women. Yes, I was bound in conscience, to put into the ears, the mind, the imagination, the memory, the heart and soul of women and girls, questions of such a nature, the direct and immediate tendency of which is to fill the minds and hearts of both priests and penitents with thoughts of temptations of such a degrading nature, that I do not know any words adequate to express them. Pagan antiquity has never seen any institution more polluting than the confessional. I have lived 25 years in the atmosphere of the confessional. I was degraded and polluted by the confessional just as all the priests of Rome are. It has required the whole blood of the great Victim, who died on Calvary for sinners, to purify me” (pp. 67-68 in “The Priest, Woman, and the Confessional”).

Boettner continues,

“This book by Charles Chiniquy is, we believe, the best available dealing with all phases of the confessional, and should be read by everyone who would have a clear understanding of the evils involved in that institution. It describes conditions which existed in Montreal and in other parts of Canada in the middle nineteenth century, and shows the depths to which the confessional tends if unrestrained by evangelical forces.”

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