Philadelphia – Old City: Christ Church Cemetery

Philadelphia – Old City: Christ Church Cemetery
Christ Church
Image by wallyg
Christ Church Burial Ground, at the southeast corner of 5th Street and Arch Street, is the final resting place of 4,000 members of the Anglican Christ Church including many Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary notables. In 1719, Christ Church purchased the two acres of land on the outskirts of town, and it has been used as an active graveyard ever since. The brick wall was first built in 1772, and later re-built in 1927 with much of the original masonry and capstone

In the early 1800s, twenty family vaults were built in the middle of the burial ground along a path from the 5th street gate. These family vaults were built to extend down 36 feet and contain up to 20 family members in each. Many of Philadelphia’s prominent families used these vaults up into the 20th century.

In 1864, the Church warden, Edward Lyon Clark compiled a book of all the inscriptions that were still visible on the fading soft marble markers. Today only 1,300 markers remain and plaques have been placed in front of some of the gravestones that contain the words that once appeared on the now blank headstones.

Among Christ Church Burial Ground’s famous residents are five signers of the Declaration of Independence–Benjamin Franklin, Joseph Hewes, Francis Hopkinson, George Ross, and Dr. Benjamin Rush; Commodore William Bainbridge, Dr. Thomas Bond, Elizabeth and Samuel Powel, Dr. Philip Syng Physick, Commodore William Bainbridge, and James Biddle.

Christ Church Burial Ground National Register #71000062

Christ Church Cemetery

Christ Church Cemetery
Christ Church
Image by joseph a
Alexandria, Virginia

Christ Church was completed before the Revolution in 1773, and George Washington was one of many notable leaders to attend here. Along with being in the Alexandria historic district, the church is individually recognized as a National Historic Landmark.

Ghostly Image Caught At Haunted Christchurch Cemetery

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Late Nite Run to the Cemetery

Late Nite Run to the Cemetery

Late Nite Run to the Cemetery

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Late Nite Run to the Cemetery

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Late Nite Run to the Cemetery

By: Dave Shriver

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Article Source: – Late Nite Run to the Cemetery

When I was fourteen years old, my cousin Allen was seventeen. Because of the fact we only lived a mile and a half from each other, and the fact that we were only sons, surrounded by sisters, we grew up with the bond of brothers. I was included in a lot of things with Allen’s friends, that no other fourteen year old around had the chance to do.

We were Baptists, and went to the Calvary Baptist Church in Quincy Illinois. On Wed nights, during the summer they would have youth fellowship at one of the members homes this particular Wednesday night was youth fellowship at My uncle Russ’s so I got to go.

Baptist at that time or should I say Baptist that went to our church, frowned upon a lot of things ,and picked up some kind of evil conitation,from things that other people, didn’t see apparently or just didn’t let bother them. Going to movies, dancing, public displays of affection(that means what Pam Hess and I were doing in the back of the church bus)So as any conscientious farm kids would do we found ways to circumvent, and get around all the restrictions and still have a good time.

I remember one of the older kids name was Dean Jinks. He had a big 1957 Plymouth Fury with loud pipes and was always fun to be around. Dean and my cousin Allen started daring some of the girls to come along down to the cemetery . They explained that at the cemetery, was a mausoleum and inside the mausoleum was a casket with a glass top in it so you could see that skeleton. We scurried around, came up with several flashlights, and I think we had fifteen kids in that Plymouth .Off to the cemetery we went, all laughing and looking foreword to scaring the girls.

We parked in the back of the cemetery and walked single file down to the mausoleum. When we got to the front of it you could see that it had an ,old.wooden door that was barely on its hinges. Everyone crowded around the door and Allen said ok I’m going to Yank it open get ready with the flashlights.

The door was opened,and Dean jumped to the front of everyone crowded around the doorway trying to look inside. Dean pointed his high beam flashlight into the pitch blackness of the mausolesm,and everyone saw someone standing inside there looking back at them. Dean let out a horrible scream, the girls all started screaming,It was pure terror, everyone was running tripping over each other trying to get away and back to the car.

A couple days before My cousin Allen had found a floor length mirror, that someone had thrown away and thought of the perfect place to put it.

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(ArticlesBase SC #244911)

Dave Shriver
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In Beaverton or Portland, Oregon, where is a really old church or cemetery?

Question by ☺ Life Is Beautiful ☺: In Beaverton or Portland, Oregon, where is a really old church or cemetery?
I’m looking for a place thats really old to lead a group of boys to a restoration service project. Old Church’s and cemeteries would be great if you know any.

Best answer:

Answer by mollyflan
The Lone Fir Cemetery is very old and has many pioneer families buried in it. It’s in SE Portland off of Belmont I think. The Lone Fir Cemetery would be your best choice. They always need help with restoration and repair of vandalism. My great, great grandfather is buried there. He died in the 1880’s and was born in 1835….came to Oregon in a covered wagon in 1852.

It’s own by the City of Portland, I think.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!