House of the cats

House of the cats
Church advertising
Image by Ed Yourdon
Back to Cairo – Dec 27, 2008 – 04

Another cafe/coffee-shop on this street made a big point of advertising its "sweet cats." But I never did see any evidence of cats or kittens, during


After nearly two weeks of visiting pyramids, tombs, temples, and museums — as well as cruising from Aswan to Luxor and Qena — we returned to Cairo for a final two days of our trip. We visited an old mosque and church, and then most of our group went on to visit a museum … but I was "museumed out" at this point, so walked back to our bus, found a stone bench recessed back against a wall, and watched an assortment of policemen and merchants and ordinary Cairo citizens walking past me (generally without any awareness that I was there at all) on a small, quiet street. I also took a couple shots of the small shops and cafes on the street…