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Vídeo de Campanha do site “Catholics Come Home”. Legendas em Português. Recomendamos a Leitura do Livro do Prof. Felipe Aquino, “Uma História que não é contada” para saber como a Igreja Católica ajudou a moldar a Civilização Ocidental com seus valores saudáveis, artes, o Direito, as Universidades etc. We recommend the book “How the Catholic Church built the Western Civilization”. Search in 6000 Respond to Phoenix Campaign By David Hartline PHOENIX, Arizona, JULY 8, 2008 ( For many who have left the Catholic Church, there is often a great desire to come home. However, fear and guilt often lead many to put off the gnawing decision to return to the Church. Not knowing where to turn, many who were once faithful feel lost and ashamed. Tom Peterson, founder of, has found television and the Internet to be just the place to reach out to those wishing to come back to the Church. Earlier this year Peterson tested his methods and ideas using an advertising campaign geared toward the 3.5 million who live in the Diocese of Phoenix. More than 6000 people inquired and came back to the Church via the Web site, and many more came back to Catholicism by reporting directly to a parish near their home. One priest reported that 16 people came to him for confession after they saw the television ad. “One of the biggest surprises for us was the amount of inquiries from those who are not Catholic,” said Peterson. “About one
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