Sidewalk cafe

Sidewalk cafe
Church advertising
Image by Ed Yourdon
Back to Cairo – Dec 27, 2008 – 03

This was one of the simpler establishments on this particular street; I’m not sure whether it should be called a cafe, a deli, or just a neighborhood soda shop. In any case, it was advertising "big water" (aka "agua grande") and "can cola"; and the old woman in the chair was doing her best to attract the attention of anyone who wandered past her…


After nearly two weeks of visiting pyramids, tombs, temples, and museums — as well as cruising from Aswan to Luxor and Qena — we returned to Cairo for a final two days of our trip. We visited an old mosque and church, and then most of our group went on to visit a museum … but I was "museumed out" at this point, so walked back to our bus, found a stone bench recessed back against a wall, and watched an assortment of policemen and merchants and ordinary Cairo citizens walking past me (generally without any awareness that I was there at all) on a small, quiet street. I also took a couple shots of the small shops and cafes on the street…