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Why are there big fancy church buildings?

Question by Tramp 962: Why are there big fancy church buildings?
What is it with people big fancy churches? Why do they think that they have to have a big fancy building to worship in? I go to a black church and we just got it remodeled and redone and it looks nice but not fancy. I just can’t understand why some people continue to put money into a big fancy church. Some people say that the size of the congregation is the reason. (I guess the larger the congregation, the more money comes in.) But why are fancy buildings necessary?

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Answer by quartering25 go jets
To impress men.

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Bradleytown congregation to celebrate church building’s 100th anniversary

Bradleytown congregation to celebrate church building’s 100th anniversary
The congregation at Bradleytown United Methodist Church, on state Route 427, will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the church building on Sunday, Sept. 26.
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Array of Grace youth programs to begin Sunday in Madison
MADISON – Fall programs for children at Grace Episcopal Church, 4 Madison Ave., including Sunday school and special Friday evening events, will begin this Sunday, Sept. 12.
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Police: Vandals cause ,000 in damage to Greenville church
In a news release, Greenville public safety director Michael Stuck says there is extensive damage to the church’s sanctuary, food pantry, freezer, and electronic equipment.
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Past and Future Church Buildings

Past and Future Church Buildings

People have always felt the need to worship and believe in a higher power. From worshiping the nature phenomena to worshiping gods, they soon felt a certain need to build a structure that would make the connection between the believers and the worshiped. From old temples to the first church buildings, mankind expressed not only belief but also art. Every culture has its own way of building their churches. You can even talk about a specific design if you come to think of certain religious differences. But in all the cases there is a church designer involved.

The common church buildings are constructed in the shape of a cross. This is the main architecture style for churches that were constructed that way. There is a main hall that holds the chairs or benches for the believers, a hall that has two small rectangles at one end, and continues further with the altar, another rectangle that completes the cross. Usually, there is a dome above the altar or even the whole place, depending on the church type and also on the way the church designer designed its plan from the beginning. But the shape is a matter of local belief and individual theology. You can find circular churches, octagonal shaped ones or the kind of church architecture that is completed by a tall spire.

In case we are talking about communities that have insufficient funds to build a new church, we will come across building conversions into a house of God. In this case there will not be a planned shape, but an internal and external renovation. And when it comes to design, you have to get the opinion of a church designer, a professional that will keep in mind everything about the congregation and include that in his renovation plans.

All the centuries-old church buildings are seen as historical monuments, and that is because all of them hold pieces of art and touches by the church designers of that time, as well as the art impressions of that period. There is no reason why new church buildings should not pass to the future generations the experience we developed so far. That is why it is so important to seek the advice of a church designer, a professional that will offer visual solutions and classic or futuristic points of view about how a church can represent more than a simple building where believers congregate.

Keeping in mind that the church represents the place that connects the believers with God, a church designer will make sure that the newly-built or renovated church will attract not only the regular worshipers but also new followers that might find in its design the peace and serenity a holy place should have.

So, even if the church is built out of concrete, wood or futuristic glass and steel, a professional church designer will make sure to combine all the elements in perfect harmony. That is why in case you make up your mind about funding or participating in the building, conversion or renovation of a church, you should get the help of a professional church designer.

For more resources about church designer or even about church buildings please review this web page http://marshillstudio.com

For more resources about church designer or even about church buildings please review this web page http://marshillstudio.com