What are the Best Inspirations of the Rest of Your Life? Bob Preaches to the Budapest ICOC

This sermon is one of the best & the most memorable sermon from Bob to the Budapest International Church of Christ. (HCOC) It was preaching in 2001. Bob Tran…
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St Anne’s Church, Budapest

St Anne’s Church, Budapest
St Church
Image by szeke
St Anne’s church in Budapest gets a nice afternoon sun. This shot was taken from across the river. You can see Matthias Church in the back being renovated, and the modern Hilton built next to it. Now, who came up with that brilliant idea. Yikes.


Did a Photomatix blend of -2, 0, +2 exposures and everything looked nice except for the sky, which turned from white to gray. Nice warm colors and a gray sky. So, decided to make it black and white. Downloaded Nik Silver Efex and chose a preset.

Kun, Szoborpark Múzeum, Budapest

Kun, Szoborpark Múzeum, Budapest
Church advertising
Image by J.C.
…fighting for the right to advertise competitively priced dog food…?

With the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy (Oct., 1918), Hungary, under Count Michael Karolyi, was proclaimed an independent republic. Budapest became its capital. When Karolyi resigned (Mar., 1919) the Communists, led by Béla Kun, gained temporary control of the city and established a Soviet republic in Hungary; but his troops were defeated in July, and Budapest was occupied and looted by Romanian forces. In Nov., 1919, Budapest was seized by forces of Admiral Horthy, who in Mar., 1920, was proclaimed regent of Hungary.

Horthy allied Hungary with Germany in World War II until Oct., 1944, and that same month German troops occupied Budapest. After a 14-week siege the city fell (Feb., 1945) to Soviet troops. Almost 70% of Buda was destroyed or heavily damaged, including the royal palace and the Romanesque Coronation Church. When Hungary was proclaimed a republic (Jan., 1946), Budapest became its capital. In 1948 the Hungarian Communists, backed by Soviet troops, seized control of Hungary and proclaimed it (Aug., 1949) a people’s republic. Budapest was the centre of a popular uprising against the Hungarian Communist regime in Oct.-Nov., 1956