BURN A KORAN DAY (DC Douglas Bitch-Slaps Terry Jones & Fred Phelps)

Voice over by DC Douglas www.MyVoiceOverGuy.com _______________________________________ Here’s an intelligence test Is this video real or a joke? THIS VIDEO IS A PARODY (JOKE) *** هذا هو مزحة *** IT IS NOT REAL*** IT IS NOT IN SUPPORT OF BURNING ANYTHING (except maybe the Master Cleanse manual – saltwater & cayenne pepper bowel movements are not fun) ——————————————————————— A “tragical” commercial for “Dr.” Terry Jones and his asinine Dove World Outreach Center (as well as a nipple tweak of Fred Phelps and his WBC family cult.) ——————————————————————— UPDATE: Apparently I am psychic as Terry Jones has passed the torch to Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Cult, er, Church. ——————————————————————— Pass this on to those who need to laugh at the darkness. Funny or Die link: tiny.cc DC, Douglas: Film/TV • www.DCDouglas.com Voice Over • http Blog • www.DCDouglasBlog.com Gadfly • http FaceBook • bit.ly Written, produced and voiced by DC Douglas. Artwork used in video is done under the Fair Use doctrine of parody. Artwork of Jesus at beginning of video is used without permission. Artist is Stephen Sawyer. www.ART4GOD.com http