Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal; XVI, Pope Benedict’s Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith: The Church as Communion 1st (first) edition by Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal; XVI, Pope Benedict published by Ignatius Press [Paperback] (2005)

Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal; XVI, Pope Benedict’s Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith: The Church as Communion 1st (first) edition by Ratzinger, Joseph Cardinal; XVI, Pope Benedict published by Ignatius Press [Paperback] (2005)

List Price: $ 66.72

Price: $ 66.72

Benedict XVI: internet can promote the search for truth

Today I also wish to mention this years Message for World Communications Day which was released on the eve of the Feast of Saint Francis de Sales, Patron Saint of Journalists. The Message concerns the new technologies which have made the internet a resource of utmost importance, especially for the so-called digital generation. Undoubtedly, wise use of communications technology enables communities to be formed in ways that promote the search for the true, the good and the beautiful, transcending geographical boundaries and ethnic divisions. To this end, the Vatican has launched a new initiative which will make information and news from the Holy See more readily accessible on the world wide web. It is my hope that this initiative will enrich a wide range of people including those who have yet to find a response to their spiritual yearning through the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ whose message of Good News the Church bears to the ends of the earth (cf. Mt 28:20)!
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Prophecy predicts Benedict to change his name

See Full Video at www.sierravistachurch.com Benedict will change his name to a new Papal name. Since reformation times it was understood that the beast in Revelation 17 Represented the church and state system in Europe. In 1798 Napoleon hated the church and decreed it dead captured Pius VI and he died at the hands of the French. Three phases are described in Revelation 17 regarding the beast 1. Was 2. Is not 3. Yet is Was- 1798 ended Papal rule over the kings of Eruope “Is Not” After 1798 there is mentioned 7 kings 1. Pius 2. Leo 3. Gregory 4. Benedict 5. John 6. Paul 7. John Paul During this phase the Pope’s lost their control over the kings of the earth, no church and state to enforce church doctrines. “yet is” Under the 8th Papal name this Pope regains control over the kings of the earth as church and state unite to enforce church doctrine. This pope starts out with one of the 7 Papal names but changes his name to an 8th Papal name to show his new Power status in the world. Mystery Babylon sits on the 7 heads, Mystery is a Greek word meaning secret. To understand this secret one must understand Ancient Babylon. Ancient Babylon had 36 gods they counted them like this 1+2+3 etc all the way to 36 totally 666 this number was given to the sun god. Mystery Babylon sits on 7 Papal name’s. the first name used after 1798 is PIus there are 12 individuals using that name counting 1+2+3 all the way to 12 we get count 78, next there is Leo there are 13 Pope’s named leo on the

A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future

A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future

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A deeply informed look at the intensifying struggle over the future of the Catholic Church.

Robert Blair Kaiser examines the most important and divisive issues confronting the Church: the sex abuse scandal, a shortage of priests due to the insistence upon celibacy, the ban on contraception, the roles of women in the Church, the increased participation of laypeople in Church affairs. He gives us an in-depth and behind-the-scenes view of six of the cardinals who gathered in Rome in April 2005 to choose a new pope and through them makes clear why Catholics worldwide are increasingly leaving the Church or defying Church doctrine. With passion and heartfelt concern, Robert Blair Kaiser brilliantly illuminates the issues and the combatants in the battle for the soul of the Catholic world.

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Benedict: Church needs ‘purification’

Benedict: Church needs ‘purification’
VATICAN CITY, Nov. 4 (UPI) — Pope Benedict XVI called Thursday for “purification” of the Roman Catholic Church in the wake of the sexual abuse scandals involving Catholic clergy.
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Bethel Baptist Church celebrates first century in Celina
Pastor Cliff Lester of Bethel Baptist Church in Celina invited everyone to his church’s centennial celebration at Monday’s city council meeting.
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Church Takes Alternative Approach to Halloween
Day of the Deceased Celebrated for First Time at St. Ignatius Church Sunday Afternoon Those who took part in St. and nbsp;Ignatius and nbsp;Church’s Day of the Deceased celebration danced outside in ritual Central American outfits as student passersby dashed curious glances yesterday. …
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Pope Benedict XVI Honors Gary Krupp of New York for Work With Pave the Way Foundation

Vatican City State (PRWEB) February 25, 2007

As a gesture of gratitude in recognition of his dedicated and tireless efforts on behalf of Catholic-Jewish and Vatican-Israeli relations, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has bestowed the rank of Knight Commander with a Silver Star of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great upon Mr. Gary Krupp of New York. The conferral of the Silver Star marks the second time Krupp has been honored by the Supreme Pontiff, having been previously invested as a Knights Commander in the same order by the late Pope John Paul II. Gary and his wife Meredith founded Pave the Way Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to the promotion of peace and understanding between religions through cultural, technological and education exchanges.

His Eminence Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, presented Mr. Krupp with the honor in Rome, following the presentation of the Bodmer Papyrus to Pope Benedict XVI, as a gift given to the Vatican Library through the initiative of Pave the Way Foundation. Also present for the conferral were His Eminence Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, Archivist of the Holy Roman Church, and His Excellency Bishop Raffaele Farina, SBD Prefect of the Vatican Library.

Mr. Krupp holds the distinction of being the only Jewish man in history to be invested as a Knights Commander of St. Gregory with a Silver Star and to also be invested as an Officer Brother in the Order of St. John, an honor he received by consent of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 2005

About Pave the Way Foundation: PTWF is dedicated to achieving peace by bridging “the intellectual gap,” promoting tolerance and understanding, by enhancing relations between religions through cultural, technological and intellectual gestures. The Foundation has a simple yet monumental vision: To enable all the world’s religions to mutually realize that extremism, politics and personal agendas must not be allowed to poison the true benevolent message common to all faiths. Bigotry and hatred must be abolished by the faithful embracing their similarities and savoring their differences.