Beijing famous churches

Beijing famous churches

A guide of Beijing famous churches

Xishiku Catholic Church
Xishiku Cathedral (or Beitang, “North Church” in Chinese, as it is also known), located in Xicheng District, is the grandest and most ornate church in Beijing.  It is a cathedral belonging to the Catholic denomination and is currently the location of the Beijing Cardinal Bishop Office.  It is affiliated to the Patriotic Catholic Church of China, a body with several major differences to the official Roman Catholic Church.

The church was originally built by the Jesuits (a Catholic order) in 1703 near Zhongnanhai, on land granted to them by the Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1910) after he had been successfully treated for a serious illness by the Jesuits. The calligraphic couplets and plaque located at the cathedral door were written by the emperor himself.

Address: No.33 Xishiku St. Xicheng District, Beijing
Xuanwumen Catholic Church
Xuanwumen Catholic Cathedral (also called South Church, or Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception to use its official name) is located in Xicheng District. First built in 1605 and rebuilt in 1904, it is the earliest Catholic church in Beijing. 

When the Italian Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci came to China during the reign of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and was granted a Chinese style residence, which he converted into a chapel in 1605.  A church was built there 45 years later, and with the installation of its first Bishop in 1690 became a cathedral.  The cathedral was detroyed several times through natural disaster and also by the Boxer Uprising in 1900.  The current cathedral was rebuilt in 1904 in its current Baroque style.

Address: Xuanwumen W St. Xuanwu District
Gangwashi Christian Church
Gangwashi Church is a Protestant church built during the 1860s under the sponsorship of the London Missionary Society. In 1900, the church was destroyed during the Boxer Uprising and was rebuilt in 1903. In 1922, the church merged with the China Christian Church.

Address:No.57 Xisi S St. Xicheng District, Beijing
Wangfujing Cathedral
Wangfujing Cathedral, also known as Dongtang (East Church in Chinese) and St. Joseph’s Cathedral, is a Catholic cathedral located on Wangfujing shopping street. Many foreign travelers add this church into their Beijing travel schedule which is why it is very popular in Beijing.
The cathedral is the second oldest in Beijing and was founded by the Jesuits in 1653.

Address: No 74 Wangfujing Avenue Dongcheng District, Beijing
Chongwenmen Church
Chongwenmen Church, also known as Asbury Church, is the largest Methodist churches in Beijing, and it enjoys high prestige both at home and abroad.

The architectural style is a mix of Chinese and Western influences. The church consists of two levels. The main level, at 8,245 square meters, is divided into two sections: the main hall with capacity of 400 people, and the side chapel that seats 300. The two sections are separated by a movable partition.

Address:No.2 Hougou Hutong, Chongwenmen Inner St. Chongwen District, Beijing
Xizhimen Catholic Church
Xizhimen Catholic Church or better known as Xitang (West Church) by the locals is newest church among the four oldest churches in Beijing. As the first non-Jesuit church in Beijing, the Xizhimen Catholic Church was first established by Teodorico Pedrini, an Italian Lazarist missionary in year 1723.

Address: No 130 Xizhimennei Avenue Xicheng District, Beijing

Dongjiaomin Alley Catholic Church
Dongjiaomin Alley Catholic Church is more commonly known as St. Michael’s Church. It was built in 1901 within the reign of Emperor Guangxu, Qing Dynasty. Dongjiaomin Alley used to be a famous gathering area for foreigners during Qing Dynasty as most of the embassies were situated here, that’s why it was selected as the best location for the construction of the church. It was built especially for the convenience of foreigners who residing here on the first place.

Address: No 13 Dongjiaominxiang Jia Dongcheng District, Beijing.

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