Big beautiful catholic Wedding church:,?

Question by Sheila Fitzgerald: Big beautiful catholic Wedding church:,?
I need to find one in one of the following countries. Any ideas? Website link to church and name of church please. Thnx.

United kingdom
France (Paris)

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Answer by Renee Langston
Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church is in a little place called Rhineland Texas… its a gorgeous church!
Saint Vincent de Paul is in Houston Texas and is extremley gorgeous as well
The Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer is in New York City and is very pretty
Saint John Cantius Parish is in Chicago Illinois and is beautiful!
I listed links to churchs only in the USA because thats all i know about but they are in or near the largest cities so they are easy to get to

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Beautiful Pipes

Beautiful Pipes
Chairs for church
Image by Jocey K
Inside the Scots Church in Adelaide. It was raining cats and dogs out side so went in for shelter. Glad I did as it was a very interesting building. The floor is on a slope so everyone gets a good view.. never seen a church built like that before in all of my travels!

August 29, 2013 Australia.

Scots Church Adelaide was originally called “Chalmers Free Church”, named after the Rev Dr James Chalmers who established the Free Church of Scotland. It was built by a group of prominent Adelaide citizens, early immigrants to South Australia, who supported the Free Church of Scotland movement. Determined to establish a Free Church in Adelaide, this group called the Rev John Gardner from Scotland. He arrived in Adelaide in March 1850 and immediately he and the group set about purchasing the land on the corner of North Terrace and Pulteney Street, and building a church there. The foundation stone for the new church was laid on the 8th of September 1850, six months after the Rev Gardner’s arrival.

The church building was officially opened for worship on July 6th 1851. The tower was added in 1858. In 1865 the three branches of Presbyterianism established in South Australia, the Free Church, the United Presbyterian Church, and the Church of Scotland, united to form one Presbyterian Church in South Australia. They became part of the Presbyterian Church of Australia at Federation in 1901. And so Chalmers Free Church became Chalmers Presbyterian Church.
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Looking for a beautiful country church in indianapolis, in for a wedding?

Question by Tiffany: Looking for a beautiful country church in indianapolis, in for a wedding?

I am currently looking for a beautiful small country church in the Indianapolis, Indiana area for a wedding ceremony in 2011. If anyone has any suggestions please help. I’ve only found one in zionsville and they are asking for over 1200.00 for a 15 minute ceremony. Thank you

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Answer by rswpbc
Down in Brown County they have just what your looking for. Check online at
and you will find the information your looking for.

There is also a small country church in greenfield(could be plainfield) that would be perfect too. He made the chapel and everything in it and it is beautiful. If you can check back here I can have that information for you.

I am in the Indidanpolis area, and giving this as information only for brides who might want the same venue.

I dont know why the spacing is like this.

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A man who regarded calls for Muslim prayer the most beautiful sound on Earth decided to switch to?

Question by Alexander: A man who regarded calls for Muslim prayer the most beautiful sound on Earth decided to switch to?
A man who regarded calls for Muslim prayer the most beautiful sound on Earth decided to switch to Trinity Church of Christ.

Is it reasonable to conclude that he liked the sound of the minster preaching even more beautiful?

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Answer by Chef D
I am not muslim, but I love the muslim faith, I love their teachings and a lot about them.. Do i like the terrorist? hell no..
they do not teach you to be a terrorist in the muslim church as a lot of you guys are made to believe.

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Handel’s Messiah: How Beautiful Are the Feet of Them

This is a segment from the television program “Isaiah: Echoes from Handel’s Messiah” featuring the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, soloist Emily Albrink and the choirs of Tabernacle Presbyterian and Fairview Presbyterian Churches in Indianapolis. Rev. L. John Gable and Matt Kauffman of Tabernacle Presbyterian Church provide the commentary.