A Great Barbados Holiday In A Beachfront Resort In Christ Church

A Great Barbados Holiday In A Beachfront Resort In Christ Church

An oceanfront three star hotel in Christchurch might just be what you are looking for as your research hotels for your Barbados Holiday

Barbados Hotels in one respect are no different to hotels all over the world. They come in different sizes, and shapes, they cater to differing tastes, and they are never one size fits all, in that a hotel that you would think was perfect is a nightmare for someone else.

You can, in fact most people could have a great Barbados Holiday staying at the award winning beachfront Bougainvillea Beach Resort in Christchurch, on the south coast of Barbados. It describes itself as an elegant all suite resort sitting on one of the best beaches in Barbados, and set in beautiful well maintained grounds. The beach is stunning with plenty of room to sunbathe, and there is no shortage of sunbeds or umbrellas. The hotel pools are but a few steps from the beach, and unsurprisingly it doesn’t often get busy. The beach by the way isn’t packed out with people trying to sell you something. Just say no politely and normally you won’t be bothered again

The Accommodation at the Bougainvillea Beach Resort is very spacious, clean, with a stunning view of the ocean from the huge balcony.

The Bougainvillea Beach Resort is essentially a self catering holiday, as you will have a fully fitted kitchen as part of your suite, and there are several advantages to this. The first of course is that food and eating out in Barbados tends to be very expensive, so it is nice to ‘stay home’ occasionally and enjoy the balcony, just relaxing. The second thing is that the food in the hotel’s restaurants tends to be a bit of the hit and miss variety. The good side of that is you will discover that the St Lawrence Gap which is within walking distance although a cab is better and safer at night, has some really great restaurants for you to enjoy.

Apart from that slight irritation the Bougainvillea Beach Resort is a great beachfront hotel, and will give you a very good Barbados Holiday. To deal with your personal catering first, there is a small convenience store in a hut, about one minute’s walk from the hotel, which takes care of breakfast and lunch. It will cost you around for a taxi to the Gap at night, then use his business card to get the restaurant to call for the journey back.

Amongst the restaurants you should try are Pisces, Café Luna, Café Sol, Harlequin, McBrides, and Bellinis which you must book, and get a table outside overlooking the water. Carry Out is another choice, and you can even get your order delivered to reception.

The Bougainvillea Beach Resort is a terrific base for a Barbados Holiday, and if you leave out any food issues, mind you there has been favourable comments too about the hotel restaurants, so you must find these things out for yourself. It is very well recommended that you hire a car so you can see all of the wonderful island of Barbados, and a fun way to do that is to hire a mini-moke. They are more like a golf cart than a car, and using one should add the final touch to a great Barbados Holiday.

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