Banned Magazine Advert

Banned Magazine Advert
Church advertising
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A SAUCY ice cream ad which showed a PRIEST in a sexy clinch with a NUN has been banned. The advertisement for posh Antonio Federici Gelato Italiano ice cream featured a snap of the cleric wearing rosary beads and holding a pot of ice cream in his hand puckering up to a nun in full habit, accompanied by the slogan ‘KISS TEMPTATION’.
Ten people complained to advertising watchdogs that the ad was offensive to demeaning towards people who serve the church

MANIPULATION: Autistic Child Banned From Church

We are emotionally manhandled every day by a media whose sole purpose is to sell advertising. “News” equals exploitative data (war, politics, etc) and controversy (as in this tidbit). Can you hear this story without being led to wrong conclusions? The underlying message from the media is, of course, that religion doesn’t serve the needs of the people. Notice, however, that that underlying message CONTRADICTS the story itself, which is that religion SHOULD serve the needs of the people. It’s called “divide and conquer.”
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Should sexy ads be banned ? Sunrise Oct 12 2008

On October 12 2008 the Channel 7 Sunrise program featured a discussion regarding a petititon being organised by the Catholic Church to ban sexy advertising. reference – the Sunrise Program Mention was made of the Advertising Standards Council and a statement that these days “women control advertising”. Item reproduced in the interests of debate and discussion.