Bach – St. John Passion, BWV 245 – Part One

The St John Passion (in German: Johannes-Passion), BWV 245, is a sacred oratorio of Johann Sebastian Bach. The original Latin title: Passio Secundum Johannem translates to “The Suffering According to John” and is rendered in English also as St. John Passion and in German as Johannespassion. During the first winter that Bach was responsible for church music at the St. Thomas Church, Leipzig and the St. Nicholas Church, he composed the St John Passion for the Good Friday Vespers service of 1724. The St John Passion is a dramatic representation of the Passion, as told in the Gospel of John, constructed of dramatically presented recitatives and choruses, commented by reflective chorales, ariosos, and arias, framed by an opening chorus and a final one, followed by a last chorale. Compared to the St Matthew Passion, the St John Passion has been described as more extravagant, with an expressive immediacy, at times more unbridled and less “finished.” Originally Bach intended that the St. John Passion would be first performed in the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, but due to a last-minute change by the music council, it was first performed in 1724 in the St. Nicholas Church. Bach quickly agreed to their desire to move the service to St Nicholas Church, “but pointed out that the booklet was already printed, that there was no room available and that the harpsichord needed some repair, all of which, however, could be attended to at little cost; but he requested that a little additional

Trumpet and Organ: Badinerie (JS Bach)

Dominik Axtmann (Organ) and Franz Tröster (Trumpet) performing live in concert the famous Badinerie from 2nd Suite BWV 1067 by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Great Voit/Hess Organ (1908/49/79, III, 44) at St. Bonifatius Church in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. For more information and artists booking request visit the organist’s website: . To buy our new CD “concerto! – Concertos and Suites for Trumpet and Organ”, send us an E-Mail: . International shipping. Easy and secure payment via PayPal (advertising price!). With a personal lettering on request.

J. S. Bach – Organ Concert in St. Thomas Church, Leipzig / Ullrich Bohme

J. S. Bach – Organ Concert in St. Thomas Church, Leipzig / Ullrich Bohme

Even amongst the many churches of Europe, St. Thomas in Leipzig, Germany is special; not only has it housed a world famous boys choir but has been the site of considerable music creativity. Composers such as Mendelssohn and Mozart have performed there and Wagner was baptized there, but certainly the greatest works ever done there are the compositions of J.S. Bach. The organ featured in this recital by Mr. Böhme is a restoration of the Sauer organ which was first built in 1889 by Wilhelm Sauer. The restoration was begun in 1988 by Christian Scheffler, who reconstructed original mixtures and some of the other altered stops. Plans have been made to restore the organ to its 1908 disposition. The program Mr. Böhme has chosen includes some of Bach’s Organ Chorales, Prelude and Fuge in A minor and “Jesu, bleibet meine Freude” and several other of Bach’s familiar and not so familiar compositions. This church and organ are important pieces of European culture both musically and historically.

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