Dive Into “Shark Weak” at Fellowship Church – August 13/14

Sharks! They circle and surround us in every realm of life. There’s no way to escape them, no way to avoid them. So when we get in the water with them, what should we do? Join Ed Young and Fellowship Church beginning August 13/14 for an exhilarating series that will show us exactly what it takes to swim with…and survive…the sharks in our lives! To learn more about Fellowship Church visit: www.FellowshipChurch.com, http twitter.com www.facebook.com www.oneplace.com
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Out at the Center – August 2008 Edition

rom www.gaycenter.org – Hosted by Pandora Scooter, the Centers half-hour TV show opens with the Right Reverend Gene Robinson discussing his recent book, In the Eye of the Storm, and his efforts to encourage LGBT inclusion in the Anglican church worldwide as the first openly gay, non celibate bishop. Author Terrance Dean talks to the Centers Clay Cane about his book Hiding in Hip Hop that exposes the underground gay scene of the hip hop music world of the 90s. There are highlights from a parent recruitment forum of the LGBT Foster Care Coalition. The Commercial Closet Associations Michael Wilke discusses the current state of LGBT images in advertising with New York Times Advertising columnist Stuart Elliott. And the Youth Pride Chorus rocks out at their Visions of Pride concert.Out at the Center is a TV show of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of New York City. To see more episodes go to gaycenter.org The show is made possible thanks to members of the Center and viewers like you. To find out more, join or donate go to www.gaycenter.org/support

Central Florida House Church Leaders are Hosting a Free Conference on August 12th and 13th in Deltona, Florida

Deltona, FL (PRWEB) July 29, 2006

Central Florida house church leaders are hosting a free conference on August 12th and 13th in Deltona Florida, featuring the teaching of Tony and Felicity Dale. Tony and Felicity lead a ministry, based in Austin Texas, known as House 2 House. Their burden is to help Christians understand the freedom and simplicity of relationship in Christ as expressed through simple, rapidly growing, church planting movements.

New research from The Barna Group discusses how that millions of adults are trying out new forms of spiritual community and worship, with many abandoning traditional organized forms of worship for the simple house church fellowship.

Because of this Central Florida house church leaders are sponsoring the 2006 Central Florida House Church Conference in Deltona Florida on August 12th and 13th.

House church leaders have invited Tony and Felicity Dale, who lead a ministry based in Austin Texas, known as House2House, to be the conference’s keynote speakers. Tony and Felicity have a burden to help Christians everywhere understand and implement churches within their own homes and neighborhoods.

The conference theme, “An Army of Ordinary People”, was borrowed from the Dale’s latest publication which depicts, “real stories of ordinary people advancing God’s kingdom.”

Conference details are available on the internet at 2006 Central Florida House Church Conference website or by contacting Hans DeMildt at the Right Way Christian Book Store, Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST), at 386-775-4212.