World music culture Cheong Hang CAV – HC Network Appliance Industry

World music culture Cheong Hang CAV – HC Network Appliance Industry

Cultural marketing, enhance brand image

Indeed, the sound of cultural marketing CAV business philosophy has always been a major feature in. It is unique in the audio industry. This, CAV president Huang Wen also no denying series. He said, CAV brand positioning itself as a “musical culture of the communicator,” Communication is the “life music, music in the life” of high-quality cultural life aspirations; Similarly, CAV in its worldwide branding and market development, cultural transmission is still marketing its brand promotion and critical ideas.

Series, said Huang Wen, CAV will always be a responsible corporate. Therefore, we have been committed to the forefront of audio industry, the issue of thinking and practice, and from industrial development model to explore the pursuit of product quality, and even start some CAV to promote the image of the corresponding behavior of the atmosphere has never been interruption. The CAV will sound as the cause of the exploratory development of cultural industries, so that the brand image of CAV can very deeply rooted in human cultural soil, and to follow social progress and change, to move people on the aesthetic nature of consumer demand, thus CAV brand promoted the sound development of high quality, and enhance the brand image imperceptibly.

Brand communications for the CAV, CAV’s planning manager Zhang Rui thus described: “Music is a kind of basic human needs, rather than luxury, and we want to spread culture through music, this potential will be essential to stimulate demand. When people are the potential demand for music inspired them, the audio market, along with it are excited, and expanded. The CAV will sound business seen as a cultural industry, the audio device to sell as fine as people’s basic needs of the first Evangelist, CAV will be able to enjoy the best interests of course. “According to Rui description, CAV to achieve a variety of ways to communicate with the consumers of music, such as frequent within the major cities in the country Some communities in organizing music appreciation meetings or activities such as karaoke OK game, but most of the way or in the audio store, the sales staff and customers through face to face communication to spread the musical and cultural CAV introduced to consumers in addition to audio products and also how the church music consumers.

Zhang Rui said, “good sound product should belong to the classic product, it’s real competitiveness is quality, this is what the cultural level, rather than what the product level. CAV aims to spread music culture, CAV’s product is the perfect performance of music culture and enjoy the pursuit of high quality life, it is a people experience the products, thus, CAV unlike other business as the cost accounting first, but always quality first place in the global procurement CAV, CAV is to be the most advanced high-quality components, in order to create the classic product, create the classic brand. ”

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