Ancient Church Fathers: What the Disciples of the Apostles Taught

Ancient Church Fathers: What the Disciples of the Apostles Taught

The Ancient Church Fathers reveals the disciples of the twelve apostles, and what they taught, from their own writings. It documents that the same doctrine was faithfully transmitted to their descendants in the first few centuries. It also describes where, when, and by whom, the doctrines began to change. The ancient church fathers make it very easy to know for sure what the complete teachings of Jesus and the twelve apostles were. You will learn, from their own writings, what the first century disciples taught about the various doctrines that divide our church today. You will learn what was discussed at the Seven General Councils and why. You will learn about the cults and cult leaders who began to change doctrine and spread their heresy. And you will learn how those heresies became the standard teaching in the medieval church. A partial list of doctrines the ancient church discussed are: Abortion Animals sacrifices Antichrist Arminianism Bible or tradition Calvinism Circumcision Deity of Jesus Christ Demons Euthanasia Evolution False gospels False prophets Foreknowledge Free will Gnostic cults Homosexuality Idolatry Islam Israel’s return Jewish food laws Mary’s virginity Mary’s assumption Meditation The Nicolaitans Paganism Predestination premillennialism Purgatory Psychology Reincarnation Replacement theology Roman Catholicism The Sabbath Salvation Schism of Nepos Sin / Salvation The soul Spiritual gifts Transubstantiation Yoga Women in ministry This book is brought to you by Biblefacts Ministries,

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Im doing a project on the sleeping apostles. What does it depict?

Question by Casey M: Im doing a project on the sleeping apostles. What does it depict?
i colored a stained glass pictures named the sleeping apostles. what does it depict. hint- it is the transfiguration window (right panel) st cuthberts church in lancashire

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Answer by eatonwrite
on the night he was betrayed, Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemine, asking his disciples to stay awake and keep a lookout. Jesus was said to be sweating blood. the disciples fell asleep.

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Church of the 12 Apostles

Church of the 12 Apostles
Image by ronsho ©
A morning interesting atmosphere alongside the apostles church


To create the "gloomy dreamy look" of this shot, i’ve made a little boost to smoothnes, but not too much. This photo is part of the same one day journey and following my previous works Back Home and The Road is llllong which were part of a relative fruitful photography journey.

An Aerial shot of the church from a plane and a view from above can be viewed at Morning Flight


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The Apostles Illustrated Edition (The Apostles)

The Apostles Illustrated Edition (The Apostles)

Over sixty visually stunning full-color illustrations from the greatest painters in Christendom combined with Pope Benedict’s personal perspective on the Apostles as foundation of the Church. Understand and visualize their glory, suffering, and heavenly interventions through the eyes of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Caravaggio, and more!

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