Anthem – “Lead Me, Lord”, Samuel Sebastian Wesley

Anthem – “Lead Me, Lord”, Samuel Sebastian Wesley (1810-1876) anthem camcorded live 26 April 2009 (3rd Sunday of Easter) “Lead me Lord in thy righteousness, make thy way plain before my face. For it is thou Lord only that makest me dwell in safety. Lead me Lord in true holiness, teach me to love and trust in thee. Thou are our God, the God of our salvation, all nations shall praise thy holy name.” Text: Psalm 5:8 Anthem soloists: Frank Lampert-Hopkins, Bass Theresa (Terry) Perkins, Contralto The parish choir of the Church of the Redeemer Wayne Burcham-Gulotta, Music Director/Organist JW Steere & Son Organ Co., Opus 701, 1918, 3/49 Ernest M. Skinner bought out Steere in 1920 and Skinner ran Steere as a separate company for about a year. Then they brought it into the fold as a separate Skinner factory. For a time organs being built there had the Skinner name but were essentially Steere organs. Much of the great Skinner at Woolsey Hall, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA is Steere (1915 major enlargement of 1902 Hutchings). Final expansion to the Skinner instrument at Yale we know today was the 1928-1929 rebuild. a Redeemer Music Media Production, ©2009 all rights reserved Church of the Redeemer, Episcopal Morristown, NJ, USA
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National Episcopal Cathedral: (Congregational Anthem)

National Episcopal Cathedral Anglican Communion Wisconsin and Massachusetts Ave. NW. Washington,DC United States of America About St. Peter & St. Paul National Episcopal Cathedral: Washington National Cathedral, whose official name is the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, is a cathedral of the Episcopal Church located in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. It is of neogothic design, and it is the sixth largest cathedral in the world, the second largest in the United States, and the fourth tallest structure in Washington, DC The cathedral is the seat of both the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church and its bishop of the Diocese of Washington, composed of the District of Columbia and the Charles, Montgomery, Prince George’s, and St. Mary’s counties in Maryland. It is an associate member of the Washington Theological Consortium. The Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, under the leadership of the nine Bishops of Washington, erected the cathedral under a charter passed by the United States Congress on January 6, 1893. Construction began on September 29, 1907, when the foundation stone was laid in the presence of President Theodore Roosevelt and a crowd of more than 20000. Construction lasted 83 years. The last finial was placed in the presence of President George HW Bush in 1990. The foundation operates and funds the cathedral, which does not receive government funding. The cathedral is located at Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues in

Jayden Arnold 9 Years old plays Church Anthem and Father in Jesus Name on Hammond Organ. MUST SEE!

Jayden Arnold plays the Church Anthem and Father in Jesus Name on the Hammond during offering at the House of God Southern District Meeting in Atlanta, GA. He’s playing bass pedals and everything…simply amazing….