Anglicans and the Roman Catholic Church: Reflections on Recent Developments

Anglicans and the Roman Catholic Church: Reflections on Recent Developments

The beginning of a specifically Anglican liturgy and culture within the Roman Catholic Church was established in the United Sates by Pope John Paul II. Since then, Anglican Use parishes have been worshipping in a distinctively Anglican style within several American dioceses. Thanks to Pope Benedict XVI, these communities are now able to form into personal ordinariates led by bishops who were previously Anglican clergy. As a result, even more Anglicans seeking full communion with Rome can find a home within the Catholic Church.

The twelve essays in this book discuss the reasons Anglicans have sought reconciliation with the Holy See, while retaining elements of their own liturgy and traditions. They explore the history and scope of Pope John Paul II’s Pastoral Provision and Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Constitution and examine the needs of the new ordinariates if they are to flourish. Also considered are the changes to the Roman liturgy since the Second Vatican Council and the specific patrimony that Anglicans bring to Catholic worship.

Many of these essays have been written by erstwhile Anglican clergymen who have been ordained into the Catholic priesthood (and one into the episcopate). A few are by Catholic experts on this topic. There is also a contribution from a woman who had been an ordained Episcopal priest before becoming a Catholic.

Here is a wealth of information for anyone interested in the Anglican communities within the Catholic Church, the “reform of the reform” of the Roman liturgy or the testimonies of Anglicans who have become Roman Catholics.

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Author Finds Common Ground between Anglicans and Roman Catholics

Longwood, FL (PRWEB) September 9, 2006

Robert David Redmile is a man on a mission—to assert the catholicity and orthodoxy of traditional Anglican teaching with regard to the ministry and sacraments of the church. His new book, The Apostolic Succession and the Catholic Episcopate in the Christian Episcopal Church of Canada (paperback ISBN 1-60034-516-6 and hardcover ISBN 1-60034-517-4), sets forth the argument that Anglicans share the very same Sacraments and ministerial Orders as the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches while carefully documenting the various lines of apostolic succession within the Christian Episcopal Church of Canada.

“My hope is that those who read this book will come away with a correct and more complete understanding of the doctrine of the undivided church in regard to the sacraments and sacred ministry,” says Redmile, “especially in regard to the reality of the apostolic succession and the need to uphold its integrity and transmit it to future generations.” Redmile devoted hours of intense research to uncovering the records of the various lines of apostolic succession in the Anglican Communion and other Anglican jurisdictions, and many of these are presented here for the first time ever. He believes that, in light of the current struggles within Anglicanism, this book will become one of the means to achieving full reunion between the Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox churches while asserting the catholicity of traditional Anglican teaching.

Robert David Redmile is a bishop of the Christian Episcopal Church of Canada, a Canadian Anglican jurisdiction formed in 1991 by the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. He holds degrees in arts and education from the University of British Columbia and studied theology in preparation for ordination at Regent College and other conservative Christian institutions.

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