Festival Classique 2011 – Cello8ctet Amsterdam en Huub Oosterhuis

Festival Classique 2011 – Cello8ctet Amsterdam en Huub Oosterhuis
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Festival Classique is a unique festival in the heart of the Netherlands’ royal city, The Hague. From 14 to 19 June 2011, for the fifth time The Hague transformed into an oasis of classical music with venues for dozens of concerts each day, set in beautiful locations throughout the city.

Festival Classique vierde dit jaar van 14 tot en met 19 juni zijn vijfde verjaardag. Op zaterdag 18 juni vond de serie ‘Kerkenpad’ plaats, dat in de afgelopen jaren is uitgegroeid tot één van de meest geliefde onderdelen van het festival. Een hele middag prachtige religieuze muzeik, speciaal gekozen om in verschillende kerken, waaronder bovenstaande Duitse Kerk, optimaal ten gehore te worden gebracht. Ieder jaar beleidt een bekende Nederlander het publiek op deze muzikale reis. Eerder was bijvoorbeeld Herman van Veen te gast; dit jaar was dat theoloog en dichter Huub Oosterhuis. In de Duitse Kerk sprak hij over het thema hoop en bracht het vermaarde Cello8ctet Amsterdam muziek van onder andere de Estse componist Arvo Pärt.

The Hague Festivals
Festival Classique maakte deel uit van The Hague Festivals dat vandaag wordt afgesloten met Europa’s grootste gratis popfestival Parkpop.

Satisfy My Soul/ Saciame Senor (Live) – Victory Outreach Amsterdam

Jo-anne Blindeling singing Satisfy my soul/ Saciame Senor by Joann Rosario and Donnie McClurkin Victory Outreach Amsterdam is a church called to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ to everyone; it’s A place you call home, a people you call family. We would like to invite you to one of our services on Friday or Sunday and experience the love of God. We believe that God is able to do anything in the lives of yourself and your loved ones. For more information visit our website: www.voamsterdam.nl

Netherlands: Amsterdam the Old Church and the New Church – De Oude en de Nieuwe Kerk

The Old Church is the oldest remaining building in Amsterdam and is located at the Oudekerk Square in the district Amsterdam-Centrum. At this moment a restoration takes place, which is hoped to end in 2013. The New Church is located on the Dam Square, next to the Royal Palace. The church…
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AMSTERDAM: St. Nicholas church

AMSTERDAM: St. Nicholas church
Image by Akbar Simonse
The Sint Nicolaaskerk (Church of St. Nicholas) is a Roman Catholic church in the centre of Amsterdam.

Officially the church was called St. Nicholas inside the Walls, i.e. the oldest part of the Amsterdam defence works. The architect, Bleijs (1842-1912) designed the church basing himself on a combination of several revival styles of which neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance are the most prominent models.

The facade is crowned by two towers with a rose window in between. The centre of this window is formed by a bas relief depicting Christ and the four Evangelists, made in the Van den Bossche and Crevels workshop in 1886. A sculpture of the patron saint of both the church and the city of Amsterdam was placed in a niche in the upper section of the gable top. The well-known sculptor Bart van Hove (1850-1914) made the sculpture in 1886. The crossing is articulated by a large octagonal tower with a baroque dome and lantern and crowned by a cross.

The basis of the groundplan is the scheme of the classic three-aisled cross-basilica, i.e. a nave, two aisles and a single transept. The choir is located in the usual place, at the end of the nave. In the corners formed by the transept and the nave, two chapels are located, traditionally devoted to Mary and Joseph respectively.

Inside the newly renovated church, a 19th century Sauer Organ can be found, on which concerts are given and mass is accompanied.. (WIKIPEDIA)