Alleluia Sing — David Crowder*Band

A song off of David Crowder*Bands new album entitled “Church Music.” Was released as a download when you bought tickets for the Church Music tour. Church Music is set to be released Sept. 22. Lyrics… like calm comes to a sea like snowfall quietly, you come to me like justice to the weak like a flood rising you come, you come to me and it feels like it’s almost here alleluia majesty alleluia risen king alleluia angels sing like springtime to winter’s hush like laughter to solemnness like a sun´╗┐ rising up you come, you come to us alleluia majesty alleluia king of kings alleluia angels sing alleluia like a song rising up with your heart filling up like a heart’s not enough for this love, for this love to sing of love to sing of love sing of love, love, love alleluia majesty alleluia king of kings alleluia angels sing alleluia´╗┐ sing alleluia sing alleluia

True Worshippers Youth- Alleluia To Christ The Lord

A young generation who worship God, with their incredible talent. The True worshippers youth is a part of JPCC (Jakarta Praise Community Church). The TW Youth is the name of the band and OXYGEN is JPCC’s Youth Church, who sees a generation with eyes and minds set to the truth to live in the divine destiny. A generation of passion and freedom, who is constantly moving in power and creativity, inspiring others to shine like stars in this breathtaking earth as the children of the living GOD. We dare you to move, dare you to join us see this vision come to pass. Let us live our lives in power and love and change the world of our generation. The Album Called “Breathe” was recorded live in the Upper room, Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Indonesia. God Bless you ALL. For More info: http http TW Youth TrueWroshippers Church Christian Worship