[ This time again ] Happy Holiday Season Greetings my Friends : Happy FLICKR [ LICIOUS ] times ahead! :)

[ This time again ] Happy Holiday Season Greetings my Friends : Happy FLICKR [ LICIOUS ] times ahead! 🙂
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Christmas and holiday season, a season to remember:

The Christmas season, the holiday season, or simply the holidays is an annual festive period that surrounds the Christmas holiday and other holidays. It is sometimes synonymous with the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, and is usually said to occur between late November and early January. It has been found to have a proportionate effect on health, compared to the rest of the year.[citation needed] Its reference and naming by schools and governments has been the subject of controversy in the United States. It incorporates a period of shopping which comprises a peak season for the retail sector (the "Christmas shopping season"), and a period of sales at the end of the season (the "January sales").

The exact definition, name, and celebratory method of the period varies from culture to culture. The Vatican and Roman Catholic adherents celebrate Christmas beginning with Advent between November 27 and December 3 and ending after the Epiphany on January 6. Eastern Orthodox churches observe the Nativity Fast from September 1 through December 24 and the holiday season lasts through January 7th. In medieval pagan cultures, the season began after All Hallow’s Eve and lasted through the Twelfth Night. According to Yanovski et al., in the United States the season "is generally considered to begin with Thanksgiving and end after New Year’s Day". According to Axelrad, the season in the United States encompasses at least Christmas and New Year’s Day, and also includes Saint Nicholas Day. The U.S. Fire Administration defines the "Winter Holiday Season" as the period from December 1 to January 7. According to Chen et al., in China the Christmas and holiday season "is generally considered to begin with the winter solstice and end after the Lantern Festival". Some stores and shopping malls advertise their Christmas merchandise beginning after Halloween or even in late October, alongside Halloween items. In the United Kingdom, Christmas food generally appears on supermarket shelves as early as September.

The precise definition of feasts and festival days that are encompassed by the Christmas and holiday season has become controversial over recent decades. Traditionally, the only holidays included in the "season" were Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day (in some countries), New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Epiphany. In recent times, this definition has begun to expand to include Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Thanksgiving and Black Friday.[10] Due to the phenomenon of Christmas creep and the informal inclusion of American Thanksgiving, the Christmas and holiday season has begun to extend earlier into the year and may even include Halloween.

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Band Aid – Do They Know its Christmas 1984 for peace and understanding plus a long-lasting legacy of human rights and that this season is the season to remember for the right reasons!

Nobody is helped when one world celebrates while the other hurts!

This alone makes the Season, the Season for all the right reasons!

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