inferno adze guide part 1

part 1 of my inferno adze guide things you’ll need =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 280 yew or maple logs (i used yew) amulet of glory 2 goblin village teleport spheres at least 1 dose of super restore terrorbird pouch tireless run scrolls 4 law runes 4 fire runes(for teleport to trollhiem) forinthry brace ring of duelling games necklace spotted/spottier cape boots of lightness =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= my route… start off west of canifis, and light the 2 beacons there… now teleport to fist of guthix and light the 3 beacons north of varrock… now use your amulet of glory and teleport to edgeville and light that beacon… use a goblin village sphere and light the goblin village beacon… run to the black knight’s fortress beacon and light it… teleport to the goblin village again and run to level 13 wilderness and light the beacon there…. now teleport to burthorpe and light the burthorpe beacon the the east… now teleport to trollhiem and climb down the mountain then light the east beacon… now teleport to trollhiem again and ligh the god wars dungeon beacon… now use the shortcut to the wilderness and run north till you get to the beacon by the church… then light the final beacon by the wilderness agility course… CONGRADULATIONS you now have all 14 beacons lit! go talk to the king and get your phr33 st00f! 😀 -=-=-=-=-=-DISCLAIMER-=-=-=-=-=- RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with