Are Teens Actively Involved in Church and Fellowship Ministries?

Are Teens Actively Involved in Church and Fellowship Ministries?

Pope Benedict XVI in his message to the young participants during the World Youth Day 2007 said that the teens are particularly called to demonstrate the love of God. In showing their response to His calling, the teens want to actively stimulate the activities of the church and its various apostolate and movements.

Churches of different denominations have teenagers among their folds who are very much active in various vocations, social actions and religious activities geared towards making mankind responsive to the call of Christ. Numerous events are lined up the whole year round to help the teens develop personalities devoid of self interests and committed to serve the needy, the oppressed, the poor and the less fortunate. The call for service is such great that the teens are enthralled to respond and do volunteer works without desires for material compensation. Being vital part of the church family, the teenagers become active movers in the evangelization movement, whether these activities are doctrinal, interdenominational or global in perspective. Various cultures and races are reached in the name of God.

Some activities where the teens are actively involved are choir and orchestra performance which rendered music during worship services and religious rallies. In singing hymns to the Lord, the young singers feel that they are glorifying God and had exalted the Creator. Some young preachers proclaim the Word of God to an audience exclusively for the teens and even to adult church goers as well. Bible studies are also conducted by the teens during school vacations, while in some churches such as the Catholic Church, teenagers acted as teachers in catechetical classes. Acknowledging the need to incorporate fun, games and learning of skills to provide a wholistic development of these teenagers, the church provides youth camps and congresses. Here, the teens immersed themselves in some spiritual renewals, while enthusiastically learning songs, chants and livelihood skills. Like their regular activities at home and school, they eat, play, mingle, interact with their peers and discuss on issues involving politics, economics, social, moral and spiritual aspects. To those ministries who have the right equipments, the teens are catered to movie viewings and creating religious websites in the internet.

Getting involved in church and fellowship ministries is not an assurance that the teens will really become law abiding, people oriented and God fearing individuals. These are just windows which broaden the teens’ perspectives and understanding that their lives could attain full worthiness in the service of God and His creations. Motivation and encouragement must at all times be extended to the teens to guide them along the right path in life. They have to be reminded of their commitments to serve others and to be attentive to the needs of other people. In this way, what the teens want to happen in their lives by glorifying God will find its fulfillment.

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