McGaughan song — I Am Your Temple — Lindvig Meditation — Seattle Unity Church — 8-7-2011—Seattle Unity church music director Erin McGaughan sings her touching original song “I Am Your Temple.” This gentle, personal and quiet song leads into Rev. Karen Lindvig’s meditation on healing, stillness, and finding a centered place. She guides the listener to find a place of peace within, and to hold dear the people of Japan who remember the loss of lives at Hiroshima, and also remembrance for those who have lost their lives in Afghanistan, both military and civilian. She calls for all beings be free from danger, have mental happiness, physical happiness, and ease of well-being. Other performers include 4 Stories High members Laura Berman and Craig Benelli; Seattle Unity house band members Olivia Hamilton, David Loy and John Stout; and singers Scott Abraham and Jeri Hudson. Erin McGaughan’s website is Kelly Gerling did the filming, editing, uploading. written descriptions, and annotating of these YouTube videos as a volunteer for the Seattle Unity Church. His websites are http http
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