What is a good pop song from 80’s to now for a trio of girls to sing for a concert?

Question by ♥CHOCOHOLIC♥: What is a good pop song from 80’s to now for a trio of girls to sing for a concert?
Me and my 2 besties want to sing a pop song (maybe destiny’s child-esque) from the 80’s to now for our concert in February. It has to be pretty appropriate because we’re a Catholic school but not church music obviuously lol. We’re all pretty talented so any suggestion is great!

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Answer by Tommy R
How bout “Hamma Time”! And everyone can wear gold joggers

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80’s Commercials Vol. 183

These commercials aired on NBC on October 2nd, 1982 1. News4LA Update 2. Norton Simon Museum (With Candice Bergen) 3. Social Security Teleclaims 4. Carpeteria (Nice pants) 5. Mischa’s Restaurant & Cabaret 6. Carpeteria (She looks like somebody’s mistress) 7. Alcoholism Councils of Los Angeles County PSA (I think this ad actually *caused* more drinking than it prevented it) 8. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints PSA (Because Mormons are totally hip with the young people) 9. Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities PSA 10. Forest Service PSA (Fire: The untamed element, oldest of man’s mysteries. Giver of warmth, destroyer of forests. Right now this commercial is on fire!) 11. Nursing Has Changed PSA 12. LA County Animal Care & Control PSA (If you don’t have a dog you’ll be murdered by thieves in the night! Dogs protect you from DANGER. Don’t walk, RUN! to your nearest animal shelter) 13. High Blood Pressure PSA (The most funkadelic song about high blood pressure I’ve ever heard) 14. Promo for “News Conference ’82”
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