The message Project 365(2) Day 286

The message Project 365(2) Day 286
Church advertising
Image by Keith Williamson
My friend Pete may remember a certain Headteacher from the school where we both worked. He was small, wore glasses, had a very insincere grin on his face and was nicknamed “oily”. Say no more!

One day oily had a bright idea. It would be good if all of our lessons started in the same way – a consistent approach was how he described it.

At the start of each lesson the children were meant to give “the message”. This was to indicate to the teacher that they were ready for work.

Obviously this made a great impact on me because I am struggling to remember what exactly the message was.

By comparison, the message outside the parish church in Bigastro is a lot clearer. It tells us that the children of the town are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. The poster is advertising the communion classes for 2010 – 2011 but why?

Over 70% of Spaniards claim to be Catholic but only 14% say they regularly go to mass. Added to which, the government has passed some radical laws to permit abortion and single sex marriages. These facts have not gone down well at the Vatican hence the recent visit by the Pope.

Fearful of a dwindling congregation in the future, I imagine the local church is attempting to drum up trade and do its bit. The problem is that communion costs the parents an awful of of money.