Sois la semilla, El Himnario #322

The Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music presents: SCLM Latino Recording Project 1: 15 Selections from El Himnario Recorded at Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills Michigan, February 2012 Description, purpose, and process The Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music has begun a project to record selected songs and hymns from El Himnario and have them widely available as an open-source, free resource. From the results of the recent hymnal revision survey by Church Pension Group, a desperate need was identified for liturgical and musical resources in Latino congregations, especially throughout Province IX. SCLM realized that the majority of congregations in this demographic do not have music-reading song leaders, and primarily learn new music “by ear.” Therefore audio recordings would the most useful. In this first phase, 15 pieces were selected from “Selecciones”, the text-only book of selections from El Himnario. Pieces were chosen in consultation with various people from the Episcopal Latino community, including Anthony Guillen, Missioner for Latino/Hispanic Ministries; Leonardo Panigada from Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis; and Sandra Montes, SCLM member and Director of Music at Iglesia Episcopal San Mateo in Houston Texas. Leonardo was on on-site consultant during the recording sessions. Sandra was an active participant in the entire process and sang on all the songs. The weekend recording session of the “SCLM Latino Recording Project 1” took place at
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