1944 Project X “Gehlen: Spy of the Century” German Protestant Church infiltrates OSS, MI5

Gott Mit Uns: CIA – Nazis in CIA, How the Cold War Began from Jason Brumfeld EH Cookridge’s 1971 biography, “Gehlen: Spy of the Century.” “The Protestant Reformation.” Religion, 16th century. – Lutheran Nazism – Apostolic Apologetics “In 1932 the Protestant church came under the influence of the Nazi movement … The Diakonisches Werk (run by the Lutheran Church) still uses the symbol. . “In 1932 the Protestant church came under the influence of the Nazi movement called “German Christians” (Bewegung Deutscher Christen, also called “Stormtroopers of Jesus”) and lead by the founder, Rev. Joachim Hossenfelder. This movement represented Hitler’s “Positive Christianity” views and lawfully encoded into the Nazi “constitution.” Hitler tried to force regional Protestant churches to merge into the Protestant Reich Church. Protestant churches throughout Germany participated in the movement but Hitler’s union of the churches failed because of in-church bickering. Only one visibly apparent church remains in Germany that shows distinctive markings of Positive Christianity, a reminder of how Christianity and Nazism mixed together during the Nazi regime.”1 MOST SECRET: 1944 «PROJECT X» SOE – British MI5 infiltrated by Soviet super spy Rudolf Abel? ————————————————- The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England Ministry of Economic Warfare Special Operations Executive: Group C, Scandinavia: Registered Files NORWAY MOST SECRET 7th April,1944 Under
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