Mt. Zion Apostolic Church Extended Praise Break 10-14-07

The Holy Ghost showed out at the 7pm service this nite. The rejoicing went on for over 40 minutes. Our pastor, Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr., did not get to preach that nite because of the anointing. Mt. Zion Apostolic Church 4900 East 38th Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46218 Main Office: 317-549-1200 BISHOP LAMBERT W. GATES, SR. Senior Pastor ~OUR VISION~ To be an excellent, caring, nurturing fellowship that reaches the lost ~OUR MISSION~ To glorify Jesus Christ in the greater Indianapolis community through an inclusive, holistic ministry JOIN US IN WORSHIP! Sunday Morning Worship 8:00am 11:15am 7:00pm View all three of our Sunday services live on or visit our website.
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