Don’t Diss Mohammed by WinterBand 01252009

Note that this video was declared “racey” and blocked by corrupt Youtube/Google employees from being advertised on their paid advertising program. Please help share it around. This is a video studio version of the song Don’t Diss Mohammed by WinterBand that we did for you wearing robes. Please note that this video was BANNED by the scum running GodTube.Philip Winter (drums) and Steve Winter guitar and vocals (singin’). Please see our CDs and video DVD at We hope our music is a blessing to you. We play original Christian Bible based songs, original contemporary Christian music. Christian rock music. Please give us a good rating and be sure to subscribe to winterband if you enjoy it! Just click the subscribe button! Christian rock music Apostolic Pentecostal Jesus Bible WinterHaven Rock Contemporary Church Band Christianity ChristianRock
Video Rating: 2 / 5