Church Episcopal
Image by alcuin lai
The interior and the furniture of the 32 metres long, 14 metres wide and 15 metres high cathedral are extremely valuable. The big icon was made between 1777 and 1781 by the famous painter of Syrmia, Ösztovics Vazul. The gilded linden pulpit and the Episcopal throne with baldachin are both worth attention. The church is divided into three sections, the "women’s church", the "men’s church", situated one step lower, and the sanctuary. The nave is capped by four sections of Czech vaults, which are divided by crosspieces. The elliptical arched area in front of the sanctuary is capped by a vaulted, flattered quarter-dome. The arched choir construction projecting in the centre settles on two Doric marble pillars. According to the Orthodox rules, the service had to be attended standing, so pews are missing in the bishopric cathedral of Szentendre, with only a few leaning chairs along the walls for the wealthy and for the aristocrats.

Here lies the body of the composer Vujicsics Tihamér.

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