Spring, Texas and the Baptist Denomination

Spring, Texas and the Baptist Denomination

Churches are abundant in Spring, Texas and there are many different sizes and denominations to choose from if you are searching for a new church family.  If you are looking to visit or join a church in Spring, Texas, here are some interesting points about Spring, Texas:


• 25 miles northwest of located between the cities of Tomball and Humble, west of Lake Houston, and south of Conroe.

• Population of over 36,000.

• Small crime rate with a mostly white collar neighborhood.

• A private garbage pick-up service.

• Originally a railroad turn-around, Spring has experienced fast development with modern styled single-family homes ranging in price from 0,000 to 0,000.

• There are also several rental apartments and townhouses for no worrying about home-owner’s insurance and property taxes.

• The Spring Independent School District system includes portions of Aldine, Klein, and Conroe with 22 elementary schools, 7 junior high schools, and 5 high schools, and a community college, and 2 public libraries.

• A plethora of parks and civic clubs.

• Around 50 churches in the area, three hospitals, volunteer fire departments, and police security force from Harris County.


Here are some things to know about Baptist churches as you begin your search for a new church in Spring, Texas:


• The only rule for faith and practice is the Bible

The Bible is the complete, infallible, and direct inspiration of God given to man.  As II Timothy 3:16 says, it is beneficial for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction.  Its commands are from God and it is best for His people to obey them, in the same way that whatever it denounces is to be avoided.  But whatever it is silent on should not become obligatory.

• Autonomy of each local church.

Every local church has the right to be in charge of itself, as an extension of the Body of Christ.  Every church is a self-contained functioning organization, complete with the authority of church government.  The church government is an autonomous form of leadership for those who are members of the local church.  This aspect of Baptist churches comes from scripture-based principals in reference to two things: the priesthood of every believer, and the responsibility of each local church.  In reference to the first, the priesthood of every believer, it is based on the biblical principal that each person, every individual believer, can know the will and heart of God.  Christians do not need an intercessor between them and God besides Jesus Christ himself.  They have no need for a priest or pastor (though for their own spiritual growth they do benefit from being under the teaching of a pastor).  The second principal, the responsibility of the each local church, stems from the priesthood of every believer.  If every believer can know the will of God, then the church, which is made up of believers, is responsible to carry out God’s will as a unit using the foundation of the individual.  These ideas come from scriptures such as Matthew 18:15-17, Acts 13:1-3, and Acts 15:22-28.


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