Special Columbia Advertising Record (Sales Talk Only)

This is the sales talk only from “Good Night, Little Girl, Good Night”, for those who do not wish to wait through the song, although it is a very catchy tune. 😉 This Special Columbia Record Is sold at the price of 25 cents solely as a sample of recording—for advertising purposes exclusively. The regular standard price of Columbia Records (10 inch) is 65c, and they are double discs; that is, there is a record on each side of the disc. Other Columbia Double-Disc Records range in price up to .50 and include a magnificent series of Grand Opera records by the world’s greatest artists, a majority of whom make records especially for the Columbia Company. Columbia Double-Disc Records will play on all standard maks of disc talking machines Here is a representative list of Columbia Double-Disc Records selling at 65c. Be sure your dealer plays all of them for you: “The Hymns of the Old Church Choir.” “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” “Black and White.” “The Glow Worm.” “Lilly Dale.” “Trabbling Back to Georgia.” “Robin Hood.” “Simon the Cellarer.” “Herd Girl’s Dream.” “Paraphrase on Die Lorelef.” “Tennessee Moon.” “Kentucky Days.” “When It’s Apple Blossom Time in Normandy.” “When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder.” “Somebody Else Is Crazy ’bout Me.” “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.” “Dream of the Rarebit Fiend.” “Trail of the Lonesome Pine.” “Little Bunch of Shamrocks.” “When Dreams Come True.” “Too Much Mustard.” “Omena-Intermezzo.” “On the Mississippi.” “Peg o’ My Heart.” Columbia Graphophone

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