Church search
Image by rafeejewell
The kindness and love that I experience in Second Life far out weighs the negative drama that sometimes occurs between avies. We are people behind our artfully designed avatars. And with this community, sometimes, people have conflicts that can be overwhelming.

I don’t like to feel rage for anyone or any circumstance, so I search for beautiful places to meditate and to focus once again on the positive energy in this place.

Sometimes, I find it in music and other times I find it in a singular vision or an artist. This past week, I needed to find spiritual nourishment and Second Life did not disappoint me.

I arrived at LA 2019 City with a haphazard LM that didn’t arrive at the destination of the club. Several of us were left standing wondering what had gone wrong. I saw Billynom8 and he manged to fly up to the 2,351 meter mark. He so graciously tp’ed me to the party. That was my first contact with pure kindness. Thank you Billy!

DJ Voyager Xue was pounding the hardcore. Deep inside me, I let the music just take over to numb the negative away. I must come back to this place, the club was very cool.

Xavier donned his enormous white wings and enveloped me in his angelic protection. We had to go to Organica. One of the most spiritual musical places full of loving people in SL. DJ Qee was there and we just became lost in the beautiful sounds of psy and goa.

Montana sent us a tp to hear Joaquin Gustav, a live musician who plays flamenco guitar. Next to the ocean, Sasi’s club presents a beautiful and casual setting for Joaquin’s music. Unpretentious, his flamenco music captures your spirit and brings you to exotic places far away. We danced in each others arms on his musical notes.

But, my soul and spirit needed more. Both Xavier and I come from Catholic backgrounds. I asked him if he would go to church with me. So off we went in search of beautiful churches. I especially love stain glass windows and I am enchanted by religious art.

We found Walsingham Church with its simple interiors, St Paul and its large stained glass windows, the sweet gilt display of the blessed child at St George and the wonderous Basilica Cardinale. Basilica was stunning with stain glass, ornate alter and prayer pews for the patrons. I loved it here and we stayed for about an hour.

I felt refreshed. And I wanted to see art. Cherry had sent a tp to Galerie Francane, so I arrived ready. Colorful psy art and photographs lined the walls, but I was enchanted with the waterfall and river sculpture. Very spiritual with a reverence for nature and water. I loved it.

Evening came and Xavier and I headed for the special Sunday evening ballroom dancing at Phantom Rose Opera House. We danced among patrons enjoying several operatic selections. The music was divine. And we ended up almost being the last ones to leave.

Next stop in our ballroom attire was Bella Vida Velvet Jazz Lounge. I love this place for the world music it always plays. DJ Jen Noel plays here frequently as well as DJ Angelsmoon. Angelsmoon was spinning tonight with his special mixes of Moroccan, Indian and electronica fusion. I was truly in heaven at this point with his world music. I simply love his sound.

We ended out evening at Garden of Dreams locked in an embrace by the river. This is a very spiritual place with a reverence for all things natural. A glorious river flows through the sim with each area set aside for meditation and reflection. We have been here several times just to renew ourselves and our commitment to each other.

Second Life is truely a blessed place full of life’s hardships and rewards. I am reminded that this small world is definitely a reflection of the larger one we live in… and I appreciate the kindness and beauty here very much.