Redcliffe (Bristol) – Anglican Church

Redcliffe is an Anglican Parish Church in Bristol. The church is the second-largest parish church in England and the tallest building in Bristol. It is so grand that visitors often mistake it for Bristol Cathedral. “The fairest, goodliest and most famous parish church in England.” — Queen Elizabeth I, visiting in 1574 “The pride of Bristol and the western land.” — Thomas Chatterton, poet “One of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in England.” — Frommer’s England Names: Church of England Type of site: Parish church Faith: Christian Faith (Anglican Church) Status: Active Dates: 12th and 15th centuries Architecture: Gothic with some Norman Location: 12 Colston Parade, Bristol, England BS1 6SP Phone: 01179/291 487 History: Some parts of the church date back to the beginning of the 12th century. However, most parts are the work of 15th century masons. The strong vertical lines of the gothic church direct the eye upwards giving the impression of great space and height. Much of the medieval church decoration was lost during the Reformation and the English Civil War, and little of the original stained glass remains. Most of the higher portions went untouched, but others were severely damaged. In some cases the windows were impossible to repair, and clear glass was eventually introduced to replace the missing scenes.

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