question about the episcopal church?

Question by mhm: question about the episcopal church?
do episcopals [anglicans] use the extra books in the Bible that catholics use [like 1 and 2 macabees, wisdom, among others.]?

and do episcopals pray the hail mary, rosary, and so forth?

what relationship does the episcopal church have with the catholic?

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Answer by tonks_op
Yes we use the same bible as the RC. The High church people do all of the things that an RC does. The low church are more like the Methodist. In some parishes both type live in harmony. I am High church and I will say ‘we pray to the Saints’ and someone else in my parish will say ‘no we don’t’. It is a matter of personal practice. Also the Anglican church has monks and nuns, just like the RC does, but not as many.

The Anglican church broke away from the Roman church under Henry the Eighth. For a time the church was very anti-Catholic, but then there was a movement called the Oxford movement that brought back many of the practices of the Roman Church, but not necessarily all of the theology. Today we are not officially in communion with Roman, but there have been ongoing talks for many years.

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