question about christianity churches.?

Question by pomeranian1984: question about christianity churches.?
okay so someone explain this to me- i know there are people raised as baptists and christians. Then churches such as: nazarene churches, church of christ, first presbyterian church, and so on and so forth.

so, first question: baptist/christian-same thing?

second question, whats the difference between all those churches i listed. as i grew up i was raised and went from nazarene, church of christ, to presbyterian. is it all the same?

thank u for any answers, i appreciate it.

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Answer by aingelic1
Yes they are all christian churches just different denominations.

Over the centuries, Christianity has divided into numerous denominations. Each denomination has its own distinctive beliefs or practices, but they are commonly considered branches of the same religion because they agree on such fundamentals as the Bible, the Trinity, and the teachings of the Nicene Creed.

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