Prop 8 Support Request

Prop 8 Support Request
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I just want to make this clear–the Mormon Church is using its considerable organizational and monetary resources to mobilize its troops to fight for Prop 8. My name is still on the ward roster (working on that problem), which is how I got this letter.

One of the reasons I’m making this public is because those who volunteer to this request will probably do their best to say that they’re doing this independently, as concerned citizens, rather than advertise the fact that the LDS Church is coordinating their efforts. They will probably not highlight that their prophet, who speaks for god, and inspired local leaders are directing these efforts.

If you’re in the area and you oppose this discriminatory and hate-based proposition, you might want to let President Weatherford Clayton, Bishop Don Turner, or volunteers Micah and Lauren Martin know how you feel. If someone comes to your door, ask them what organizations they belong to that might support this anti-gay agenda.

Posted, with a bit of colorful commentary, here.

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