Philadelphia Church of God leads Laodicean era (part 1)

Philadelphia Church of God leads Laodicean era (part 1)

I have proven to myself, most prayerfully, that the Philadelphia
Church of God is the most unique of all the groups who’ve
distanced themselves from the Worldwide Church of God’s
doctrinal changes. Only Mal
achi’s Message
clearly speaks with AUTHORITY and not
“like the scribes” (Matt. 7:29). I’ve listened carefully for THE
Voice of the Shepherd, hearing what the Spirit says to God’s
Church today, checking out everything with the Bible and what
Mr. Armstrong faithfully taught us (John 10:3; Rev. 3:22; II
Thess. 2:15).

Of course, there are those who CLAIM to follow the traditions
we’ve been schooled in, yet they’ve refused to humble themselves
and submit to the fact that JESUS CHRIST had already moved HIS
LAMPSTAND by the time they finally saw the light! All that was
necessary for them to do was to go where Christ had already
gone, and support HIS WORK of knocking the errors in the
Worldwide Church of God, while holding on for dear life to God’s
truth! We either GET A GRIP – or we lose it! (Rev. 3:11).

Instead of working with Christ, some have chosen to do their own
thing, contributing to the Church’s state of confusion, rather
than helping to RESTORE ORDER (I Cor. 14:33). Why duplicate
efforts, wasting precious time and money? Why not join ranks
with the PCG so we can present a UNITED FRONT to an increasingly
divided world? This would enable us to effectively share with
others the message GOD would have them to hear (John 12:49). We
ought to come together, in Christ, especially since we’ve all
been taught repeatedly: “There is only one Church. Not a parent
church and many little daughter churches that have split off in
disagreement. Divisions splintering off are NOT STILL IN THE
tery of the Ages,
pg. 243).

Whether we like it or not, God, in His infinite wisdom, chose
Gerald Flurry to REVEAL to God’s Church what was going on – and
thereby allow us to show our true colors by how we responded to
Malachi’s Message! (That doesn’t mean Mr. Flurry is infallible
or that he doesn’t need to continually apply the principles of
Malachi’s Message to himself and organization, as we all do as
explained in my article “Worldwide All Over Again?”).

Restored to Zion!

If I’m so convinced that Christ is ONLY with the PCG, and that
the others are self-willed, for the most part, resisting God’s
lead, why don’t I attend their services? (Matt. 7:21; I Sam.
15:23). And how can I believe that God is actively working
through me in the Middle East? Because I’ve unjustly been
disfellowshipped (II Thess. 3:2), yet I remain loyal to God’s
truth they teach!

It’s BEWILDERING to see an organization that apparently started
out so good and strong and righteous degenerate into a
personality CULT that rules through intimidation and fear and
borders emperor worship! Yet they have more truth in many
regards than the others, just like Herbert Armstrong saw Sardis
(Church of God, 7th Day) did however impotent! Strange but true!
Perhaps it’s like Saul was still the anointed until he was
punished by death for his sins and then David reigned…..

When Gerald Flurry wasn’t anything in his own sight or mind God
used him and now, unfortunately, it appears to have gone to his
head, all the new revelation [simply a deeper understanding of
some things], and he forgets that all truth is from and belongs
to GOD and that God can use a donkey to deliver it! (I Cor.
4:7). Mr. Flurry has become so swollen in his own imagination
that he fails to see that he is the leader of LAODICEA! He knows
what warning God is giving the Laodiceans, of which he is chief!
He had better heed his own words!

Under Herbert W. Armstrong Pasadena, California was the
headquarters of the Philadelphia era of God’s Church; now
Edmond, Oklahoma is the headquarters of the Laodicean era, and
next in God’s plan is the restoration of His headquarters to

God knows my ATTITUDE AND ACTIONS still support the work God’s
given them to do, but I truly believe what Mr. Flurry teaches:
their work’s almost finished! It’ll just slightly overlap the
beginning of GOD’S FINAL WORK as outlined in my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall (John
3:30). Minister Dennis Leap wickedly disfellowshipped me for
believing that GOD has ORDAINED that I should promote its timely
truth (Isa. 61:1), even though I’m NOT from the “school of the
prophets” (Ambassador College), or going about it in the
“conventional” way (I Sam. 17:39)!

I’ve come to better understand that God has already begun the
TRANSITIONAL PROCESS of RESTORING His Menorah – His Lampstand to
JERUSALEM! (I Kgs. 11:36; Amos 9:11). As prophesied, a NATIONAL
MESSENGER would be on active duty in Jerusalem, preparing the
way for Messiah’s imminent return! (Zech. 12:8). God reveals HE
would send this outspoken individual to deliver a BLISTERING
rejected GOD’S ULTIMATUM! (Isa. 41:27; 30:27; Micah 3:8).

It’s from Jerusalem that we must warn another HOLOCAUST is
coming! That’s the sensitive location where God will spark a
6:1-2). It’ll shock the Jews and anger the Germans! It’ll also,
undoubtedly, offend many holocaust survivors who now live in
Israel, but they ought to understand and lend their voices of
experience to ours, having personally witnesses GERMANY’S BRUTE
FORCE, to help our efforts to ensure “Never Again!”

Regardless, we can expect a maelstrom of protest and a bitter
backlash – but such persecution will only fan the flames of this
BURNING ISSUE! (Isa. 54:15-16). Both Germany and Israel (for
their own reasons), will want to immediately stop such
“incitement” – calling it fear-mongering and racist – but
they’ll fail and God’s Word will prevail! (Jer. 1:19).

God MUST grant “political immunity” to His Two
so they can be free to boldly say and do all
that He commands, even though the world will regard them as
public enemy number one! (Ps. 105:15; Rev. 11:10). Undeterred,
they’ll carry on God’s Work and serve as His official government
spokesmen, even in the hostile face of fierce opposition! (Jer.
1:8). But I’m getting ahead of myself! This is all related in my
book, but let’s go back to the beginning – of the true
Philadelphian era….

Mr. Armstrong’s Experiences

In the words of Mr. Armstrong, referring to his dealings with
certain Sardis ministers, “I Shall Not Hide the FACTS!”
(Autobiography of HWA, Vol. 1, pg. 366). However, lest I be
misunderstood, I’d been most hesitant to say or write anything
about my experiences with certain professing Philadelphian
ministers, but I feel compelled by GOD to state the truth,
without fearing men’s reactions, but trusting in God’s PURPOSE!

Mr. Armstrong relates how he had presented a “dual test” to the
Church of God, Seventh Day, to help him determine whether or not
it truly was the Church of God. His first test involved mailing
an “exposition of 16 TYPEWRITTEN PAGES proving clearly, plainly,
and beyond contradiction that a certain minor point of
doctrine… was in error… to see whether their leaders would
confess error and change.” Their head man admitted what Mr.
Armstrong pointed out was true, but feared it might upset many
of the members and even threaten to divide the Church!
“Naturally, this shook my confidence considerably.”
(Autobiography of HWA, Vol. I, pgs. 360-361, emphasis mine).

I, too, detected “a certain minor point of doctrine” taught by
Mr. Leap (on the 144,000), was in error. I didn’t want to rock
the boat, and it wasn’t something I’d lose sleep over, so I
wanted to just ignore or overlook the matter, but God wouldn’t
let me! Amazingly, a dear friend asked me about the 144,000 out
of the blue, and then somehow it came up again with someone
else; so God succeeded in getting my attention to write Mr. Leap
about it. I sent him my PAGE AND 1/2 LETTER, reproduced here –
and didn’t hear anything.

Finally, around my third try (I don’t give up easily!), Mr. Leap
discussed it with me on the phone. When I mentioned that the
Scriptures clearly state that once you’ve broken your “seal”
you’ve lost your salvation, and to claim we can somehow be
“resealed” amounts to crucifying Christ twice, Mr. Leap
stammered around, unable to justify his position, but remained
determined to stick with it – to my sorrow. Like Mr. Armstrong’s
experience, “Naturally, this shook my confidence considerably.”

Church Rejects New Truth

God used an evangelist in Florida to challenge Mr. Armstrong. He
had written Mr. Armstrong and told him he was ignorant if he
didn’t know where we are mentioned in the Bible. After gleaning
through the surprising amount of information on the subject in
the library, Mr. Armstrong PROVED that the so-called “Lost 10
Tribes” are, in fact, the American, British and Northwest
European peoples. He then sent the “lengthy manuscript of close
to 300 TYPED PAGES” that he had written to support this truth to
the editor and leader of the Church. “Did this Church accept and
proclaim this vital new truth… But this Church refused then to
accept it or preach it or publish it though their leader frankly
confessed it was TRUTH and a revelation from GOD! Yet here was
the Church which appeared to have more truth, and less error
than any other… Truly this was bewildering!” (Pg. 362).


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