Pastor & Church Controlled 30 Ways to Sunday irs 501 –END–

Warroad Community Church & Minnesota pastor Gus Booth is the latest news regarding this matter as reported on drudgereport, abc, etc. Booth addressed the members of his Warroad Community Church one Sunday in May and told them, “If you are a Christian, you cannot support a candidate like Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton for president,” he very much knew he was violating the law. He even wrote a letter to the IRS explaining what he had said and challenging the tax collection agency to do something about it. Churches and other non-profit groups like charities and universities do not have to pay taxes. That exemption, however, comes with a price. Churches, and by extension the pastors who serve them in an official capacity, are not allowed to endorse or oppose political candidates. Booth, 34, is one of several religious leaders who this year hope to challenge federal law by flouting the regulations about endorsing candidates from the pulpit a move that could potentially cost them their tax-exempt status, creating financial ruin for many congregations. The separation of church and state may be one of our democracy’s most vaunted values, but its enforcement falls to one of our government’s most derided institutions — the IRS. Neither Obama on TV nor Reverend Wright in the pulpit will tell you this information. They’re too phat and rich from the Washington DC policy. Pastor Greg Dixon delivers this much needed modern-day sermon about the relationship of politics in Americas
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