Our Writers

Max Roberts
Location: New York, USA
Max Pattison is a the best journalist with more than 15 years experience at daily newspapers,of writing for newspapers, magazines in New York. His articles have a very strong effect on economy themes. He’s the best in this field.
Email: Pattison_Roberts@thecronline.com

J.C James Wellington

Location: New York, USA
J.C James Wellington is a  health joutnalist and critic, with over 7 years’ experience of writing for newspapers. He was a patt of a public health campaign.
Email: James_Wellington00@thecronline.com
Health joutnalist

Marie Robinson
Location: New York, USA
Marie Robinson is a political journalist of more than 35 years experience and political columnist of the year in 2003. She has written six books plus several editions of a guide to journalists covering elections.
Email: Marie_Robinson@thecronline.com
Political journalist